If The Wrinkles Have To Appear, Let It Be For The Laugh

If the wrinkles have to appear, let it be for the much laugh

They say that wrinkles remind us of where the smiles were. For this reason, every fold of our skin can be the reflection of an unexpected joy that we probably don’t even remember, but that saved our lives in the most difficult moments.

There are furrows that preserve in their mystery the beauty of the passage of time and of the joys experienced over the years. Our smiles wrinkle our faces and fold our eyes, exerting great power and in turn forging a clean and noble look that fills us with goodness.

Enviable beauty is one in which serenity rests placidly. It conveys how limitless our ability to feel, accept and enjoy our emotions is.

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The important thing is not to add years of life, but life to the years

Our present has been sown with the seeds of the past. For this reason, and since we can no longer reverse the hands of our watch, it is time to transform the present into a beautiful future.

Only we can be able to live fully, take care of ourselves and enjoy every day, as long as this happens in our own way. We are responsible for waging our own wars and enthusiastic about our adventures.

Adding life to our years is never too late; for this reason, we must become aware of the fact that every accumulated smile will be a pride when one day we look to the past.

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Swipe in the towel and wear a new smile

When we least expect it, everything can be for the best.  For this reason, every day it is up to us to decide whether to wear a smile or a sad disappointment. We determine what is worth and what joy in our life is.

A person does not age when the skin on his face wrinkles, but when his dreams and hopes do. Precisely in this we see the quantity of years lived; in reality the sum of actions and spirit is summed up in the pursuit of one’s goals and ideals.

We can attract everything that brings us something and that adds to us, leaving aside everything that takes away from us. Get rid of the “I can’t do it” from your mind  and stop seeing age as the main obstacle in your life. Think that the more you enjoy the seas that furrow your smiles, the bigger your soul and heart will be.

In this way the sparkle of our gaze grows and is enriched, avoiding to make us lose the enthusiasm to live even if we lack the strength. Make sure that every year of your life furrows your skin, make every second of your life eternal and don’t give up the pleasure of feeling a shot of fresh air on your face.

Do not allow bitterness to defeat your cravings, look at life with pride, smile at it as many times as you can and take refuge in a quiet place where you can sleep together with your inner peace. Remember we are enjoying a journey of no return.

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