How Does One Become A Miserable Person?

How does one become a miserable person?

We all know at least one miserable person or even more than one. The number of miserable people grows day by day, so much so that certain attitudes begin to be considered normal. However, there are people who are not yet victims of this modern epidemic, rather, they live in joy and peace, radiating love and happiness.

But this doesn’t seem to be in fashion. If you haven’t been struck by miserability yet, the following tips will help you become the ultimate miserable person. If, on the other hand, you prefer to continue living as you are now, consider the following clues as something to avoid.

Living according to the expectations of others

Society in general and your family in particular have high expectations of you. If you do not satisfy them, you will be abandoned by those around you, making others suffer, especially if you do not get where they have gone or you have not followed family traditions.

To be like everyone else and do what is expected of you, you need to make sure that you fit everything, that you are as you should be, that you dress right, that you follow all the rules (even if it is not clear to you why you have to do it. ) and do whatever others tell you to do.

Let others think for you too

If others can think of you, don’t waste time doing it yourself. Thinking is tiring and risky. Don’t waste time contemplating alternatives to be freer, happier, and more comfortable with yourself. In this way you only risk ruining your misery.

Around you is a squadron of people willing to tell you what to do and also what to think. Don’t waste time wondering why things and do what they tell you. You will see how miserable you will become by avoiding any kind of reflection and decision.

Hide the true self in interpersonal relationships

Living love and happiness implies having intimate relationships with people. Being yourself, however, could make it difficult for you to relate to other people who fit everything and meet other people’s expectations.

If you really want to be a miserable person, wear a mask at any time, hide everything that goes out of the box and always act politically correct. If you show your true self, you run the risk of being discovered and that people will push you out of what is expected of you. If you want to be truly miserable, be hypocritical and dishonest, this will help you keep your status longer.


Make money the main goal of your life

The best way to have a miserable life is to do what you can to amass a large amount of money and make it your main goal in life. Instead of spending the time building a healthy life, nurturing relationships with the people you care about and care about, doing what you really enjoy, you need to work as much as possible, plan your life based on work only and do not spend more than necessary to meet your needs.

Spend no money except on your whims, even if you barely have time to enjoy them because you are overwhelmed with work. And don’t forget to teach your children that those who want something must earn it with the sweat of their brow. If necessary, be the first to exploit them so that they learn how hard life is and how difficult it is to earn.

Blame others for their problems

Miserable people are never responsible for their actions and do not recognize their responsibility even in problems or difficulties. Instead, they criticize others by blaming them for their problems and also for their actions.

Learning from your mistakes is not a principle of miserable people, so you must never think that you can do something to change things because it is never your fault. In this way, your life will be more and more miserable.


Confronting with others

All the most miserable people think they are not the best, so they confront those around them, feeling inferior and trying to become like them by all possible means. Only in this way can they feel good about themselves.

To reach this goal of absolute misery, you have to become a person who is dissatisfied with yourself. Make sure you focus all your attention on how good others are and how disgusting you do. Don’t make the mistake of forgiving yourself for your faults, much less loving yourself for who you are.

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