Housewife: The Face Of Invisible Women

Housewife: the face of invisible women

For cultural heritage, personal choice or for circumstantial reasons,  our society has a high number of women who dedicate their lives  exclusively to looking  after the house and family.

Sometimes this work is combined with other paid jobs, moments in which the woman becomes a  “housewife”  in parallel. Anyway, 

being a housewife is hard and unsatisfying work

 and that practically even today it is almost imposed on most women.

In this article we will talk about housewives as that group of women who dedicate, exclusively or not, their working and personal lives to looking after the house and their family, preparing food, cleaning and making sure that every day everything goes according to the needs of the family.


The housewife: her invisible face, her emotional charge

A woman who is a housewife does not have a salary and is not even recognized by society.

 It is a job that takes place 24 hours a day and lasts 365 days a year, which does not include holidays and layoffs, for which you have to know how to do everything, be a cook, teacher, nanny, entertainer, guardian, GPS, doctor, secretary, night and day guard …

The amount of work is determined by the size of the family, the extent and location of the house, social status, etc. Also, working hours fluctuate all the time, but most importantly, the work never ends.

It is not a salaried job and is practically exempt from real recognition,  so beyond the emotional value that can be given to it, there are often stages or family and social units that do not understand the importance and difficulty of managing an every family. day.


Cleaning, ironing, shopping, taking care of your partner, children or children when they are grown up, preparing perfect meals, treating everyone equally and keeping the peace in the kingdom … All this without complaining and even going so far as to overshadow your health.

In this sense, not taking care of yourself is too common a mistake, which often results in not very positive consequences for the spirit and feelings of a woman. This can, along with lack of recognition, lead to problems with anxiety, depression and psychosomatic symptoms. Let’s see in more detail.

Anxiety, depression and psychosomatic symptoms in the housewife

Starting from the basic concept that depression and anxiety are the most common problems among women, these are amplified in the case of women who do not have a paid job and within the family environment. In several studies it has been found that  women who work at home suffer more from chronic diseases, more acute symptoms and less self-assessment of their health status.

This role has traditionally lacked structure and social contact, but at times and frequently, chores can be tiring and frustrating, like being enveloped in great insecurity.

stressed-out housewife

A woman who is a housewife has less control over her pace of work; just like that, his ability to rest and to disconnect is less and, at times, nothing. The fact of seeing each other every day and at all times  “obliged”  to respond to the needs of this job can slow her down in her alternative sources of satisfaction, also negatively affecting her mood and general health.

For this reason, give a structure to this work, the recognition of a social and economic weight by governments, grant it the value that corresponds to it in the family unit, provide social and emotional support for these women and give them satisfaction for the carrying out this work would help to make these obscured faces gain visibility.

The housewife community is one of the most forgotten social sectors of our culture. It is time to give them the power and recognition they deserve because, without a doubt, it is one of the hardest, most necessary and most demanding jobs in existence. We should never forget that.

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