Helicopter-assisted ‘Yeditepe Huzur’ application in Istanbul

The helicopter-assisted “Yeditep peace exercise” was carried out by the Istanbul Provincial Police Department at around 21:30. The application was made at several designated points, notably Beyoglu Taksim Square, Fatih Millet Street and Kadikoy.

Special Operations Police, Directorate of Public Safety Branch, District Police Department, Police Department affiliated with Preventive Services, Traffic Control, Aviation and Anti-Narcotic Crime Branches participated in the application. During the inspection on Fatih Millet Street, the traffic teams checked the documents of the driver and the vehicles.

Public security teams also checked vehicles and searched drivers and passengers. In the application, which was also supported by a police helicopter, the narcotic dog ‘Hannah’ searched the vehicles. It is learned that the application will continue till late night. (UAV)

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