Health organizations warned: positive rate increased to 50 percent

Turkish Medical Association Central Council (TTB MK), TTB Specialty Societies Coordination Board (TTB UDEK) and related specialized associations, Public Health Professionals Association (HASUDER), Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Association (KLİMİK) and Turkish Thoracic Society (TTD). ) and representatives of the TTB Epidemic Working Group (TTB PG) and the TTB Vaccine Working Group, from time to time, under the main headings, collect warnings and suggestions about Covid-19 and share them with the public.

It was reminded that in order to protect the health and motivation of the employees in the health sector, necessary steps should be taken to make hospitals a safe working environment.

Scientists who warned against the pandemic had expressed concern that the expected increase in cases and deaths began in July and would increase further in the days to come.

Attention Autumn!

Noting that there is an atmosphere as if the pandemic is over in society, the experts shared the following information:

We are passing through a critical new phase of the pandemic. There is an atmosphere in the society as if the epidemic is over, not over. The positivity rate has increased to 50 percent.

With the additional deaths, 100 people die in a day. However, the pandemic does not persist, it cannot be managed. This situation poses a much higher risk than before. We started seeing expected growth in autumn in July, and we expect it to increase further in the fall, in the coming days.

The fact that vaccination rates are so low is tiring for us. Vaccination studies should be accelerated. Intensive care beds and services began to open. It is easy to open services, but it is not easy to find qualified personnel and equipment. Again in private hospitals, the treatment of Kovid should be done free of cost through PCR test.

Suggestions and messages are listed as follows:

Original suggestions and messages from health professional organizations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic were collected under the following key heads;

* Masks, distancing, ventilation and hygiene measures, which have proven to be effective in containing the COVID-19 pandemic, should be reminded again. The use of masks and public transport in congested common areas should be mandatory these days when community mobility is rapidly increasing and safety measures are rapidly declining.

* Several scientific studies and observations have shown that the COVID-19 vaccines, which have been administered in over 12 billion doses worldwide, are safe. It should be ensured that non-vaccinated and incomplete immunization and immunization of healthcare workers are completed, reminder dosing is done and reminder dosing is repeated if necessary as per risk situations.

Must get vaccinated till school opens

* All children in the age group of 5-12 years should be vaccinated early to develop immunity by the time schools open.

* It must be ensured that COVID-19 PCR tests are carried out comprehensively, and isolation of patients, support of diagnosis with rapid testing, free supplies to schools, rapid testing for those holding crowded meetings must be provided.

* The HES application should be restarted and the application should be enriched with messages encouraging vaccination.

* Active surveillance of the disease-causing SARS-CoV-2 variants in our country should be done and the results shared with the field expeditiously.

* Recently, there have been problems finding a drug called mollupiravir (covinavir), which is provided to patients in risk groups and can prevent the disease from getting worse. Regular supply of this drug and medicines effective for Kovid-19 should be ensured throughout the country.

* By making administrative arrangements, the spread of infection should be prevented so that it becomes easy for the infected people not to go to work.

* A solution to this issue must be found quickly by setting up expert commissions on how to ensure proper ventilation in all classrooms in closed areas and before schools open before winter arrives.

* In the autumn, people over 65 years of age, risk groups and pregnant women should be prepared for seasonal flu vaccination, and pneumonia (pneumococcal) vaccines for those 65 and over at risk groups should be completed.

* Necessary steps should be taken for preparation, follow-up and supply of effective vaccines for new variants and put them into use in our country.

* Share health ministry data on distribution of COVID-19 cases, age and risk group characteristics, vaccination status, hospitalization rates, intensive care occupancy rates and deaths with the public on a daily basis should be done.

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