He was raped in South Africa, where he went for a video shoot: ‘Chemical castration’ reactions escalate

Eight models were abducted and gang-raped by an armed mob on their way to the city of West Village near Johannesburg for a video clip in South Africa.

It was reported that eight models were in the area to shoot the music video and were abducted at gunpoint by the gang. It was announced that the youngest of the victims was 19 and the eldest was 37. According to local media reports, women were sexually abused at least 10 times.

The South African gang also seized mobile phones, jewelry, cash and equipment of the crew and models.

Increased demand for charged chemicals

As the incident shook the country with the world’s highest crime rate and the third highest rate of rape, the public renewed calls for chemical castration of rapists. While the incident was also on the agenda on social media, many reacted harshly to the situation.

The police arrested the workers working in the mine illegally in the area after a clash in which two people were killed.

This shocking crime happened when a production team was shooting in the woods near Krugersdorp, West Village, near Johannesburg, on July 28.

It was announced that 65 miners would appear in court on charges of illegal mining, attempt to murder, possessing explosives and violating immigration laws. In the incident of rape in an illegal mine, it was told that not everyone is responsible, but those who are responsible will also be prosecuted for the offense of rape.

Clash between police and miscreants

It was said that the attackers, wearing ski masks and Basotho blankets, entered the area where clips were shot from bushes, and opened fire when the team fled. It was reported that when the armed gang entered the shooting area and ordered everyone to lie down, the models were taken one by one into the bushes and raped.

When the South African Police Service reached the spot, clashes broke out and two people working in the illegal mine died. While the police announced that one person was injured, 17 people are reported to have fled.

A massive search operation has been launched in South Africa to nab the fleeing suspects.

A 19-year-old victim said she lied to her assailant that she would have an abortion to avoid further rape, the Sunday Times South African reported. “I had no choice but to lie because they were taking us one by one,” said the unnamed young woman who spoke to the newspaper. Six to 10 people raped me. Other friends of mine are experiencing this too. Told.

We were raped for 4 hours

Another 21-year-old unnamed girl from the team said that she was raped for about 4 hours. The officer who arranged the models for the shooting said that he tried to protect them from the rapists, but was sexually assaulted first.

Police spokesman Brigadier Brenda Muridil confirmed that 65 potential suspects were arrested Friday evening for violating immigration law.

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