He sent letters to Gezi detainees from all over Turkey.

Members of Turkey’s Workers’ Party today sent letters to Gezhi case detainees from across the country. The press release was read out in front of the PTT branches before sending the letter.

The press release included the following statements:

*Today we are together to send letters to our friends who were unjustly arrested and jailed 102 days ago in the Gezi case, to make them feel that we are with them and they should be sent to the public. to show up.

* 102 days ago, our friend, who had been tried again illegally without any new evidence, was acquitted twice earlier, sentenced to a heavy sentence and arrested.

*We know that in the person of our friends who were deprived of their liberty by the given sentences, it was intended to intimidate;

* Those who do not forget that they have a responsibility towards the society while doing their work and do not hesitate to speak the truth to protect our natural wealth and historical heritage.

* Defenders of labor killings and the rights of workers working in inhumane conditions.

It is they who cooperate with them so that our youth who committed suicide and died in the sect’s hostels, where they were forced to live helpless, can live.

*Those who struggle for our youth to get quality free education and object to the determination of their future by questionable examinations.

* Those who fight tirelessly against tyranny, to live in a country where art can be made freely and ideas can be expressed freely.

We know this and we repeat it over and over again. Where we were yesterday, we are today. What we said yesterday, we still say today.

* This will be a dark journey.

* Our struggle and solidarity will continue until all our captive friends are freed, this endless illegal trial, this demonstration will end and justice will be served.

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