He hit the woman he was hostile to and dragged her for 300 metres.

The incident took place in the evening in front of the Kerman Palace of Justice. Allegedly, Merv wanted to speak to Sakir Suleiman Vai, who had animosity between them, in front of the courthouse.

300 meters drag

While Merv Sakir was on his way to the car where Suleiman Wai was located, the driver who stepped on the gas hit a young woman coming towards him. While Merv Sakir remained on the roof of the car due to the impact, Suleiman Wai did not stop and quickly left the scene. Drifting on the roof of the car for about 300 meters, Merv Sakir fell in front of the car as a result of Suleiman Vai applying the brakes while entering the fuel station.

escape from the scene

Suleiman Y., this time ran away from the car passing over Sakir’s left leg. Several police and medical teams were sent to the area on the information of those who witnessed the incident. The young woman, whose first intervention was done at the scene, was later taken to the Kerman Training and Research Hospital. While the girl’s treatment was going on, the police started work to nab Suleman Vai, who was absconding from the spot. The moments when Merv Sakir was dragged onto the car were visible in the surrounding security cameras.

drove a car over my daughter

Merv Sakir’s mother, Durdan Sakir, who was a witness to the incident, was my daughter Suleiman Y. had gone to talk to him. Meanwhile, Suleiman Wai drove the car over my daughter. After the accident my daughter got stuck on the front bumper. The car did not stop even after I told him. My daughter shouted, “Parents, save me,” we ran to the back of the car. I ran for oil 300 meters away, and saw my daughter on the floor covered in blood. After getting the child down from the car, the car went over his left leg. He has a bad leg right now. I ask our prosecutors, our police and our state for help. “I want to do something,” he said. (DHA)

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