Have the results of additional provincial appointments been declared? On the National Education Ministry regarding the results of the additional provincial appointments…

The results of MEB Extra-Provincial Appointment and Assignment have been declared today. Applications have expired within the scope of the list of requirements and quotas for teachers working as permanent staff in educational institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Education and for at least 3 years in their provinces. Out-of-province assignment results can be learned on the screen “mebbis.meb.gov.tr”.

When will the external recruitment results be declared?

The result of the appointment of teachers outside the state will be declared on Monday, August 1. By August 2, the appointed teachers will carry out the process of dismissal.

How will the external placement be determined?

1. The service score of teachers applying for transfer will be determined considering the deadline of 29 July 2022, which is the last day of application.

2. The appointments will be made on the basis of service scores, keeping in view the standard of staff gap in the educational institutions preferred by the teachers. in case of equality of service points, respectively; Preference will be given to those who have more tenure in teaching and have started teaching earlier; In case of continuous equality, the teacher to be appointed will be decided by computer draw.

3. This announcement shall be made on the basis of service points, taking into account the remaining vacancies after the assignment process for other applications, in applications made in accordance with the clause “D. “Applications to be made within the scope of 20 provinces” Process will be finalized In case of equality of service points respectively, preference will be given to those who have more tenure in teaching and who have started teaching earlier. Will be done by draw.

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