“Handle With Care. Contains Dreams “: The Invisible Sign That All Children Carry

"Handle with Care. It contains dreams ”: the invisible sign that all children carry   

All babies are made of a delicate, innocent, fragile, dreamlike and magnificent material.  All of them are bright, sparkling minds who turn their games into dreams to come true and aspirations to achieve.

When we look at children, we must be aware of this, of the fact that we are their teachers, the ones responsible for their dreams, their will to live, their self-esteem and, ultimately, their complete construction.

All of this is essential if we stop and think about it. If we think of building a house, we must start from the foundations, from the base, because starting from the roof would make our work totally in vain, without support. The same happens with education, if we want a solid foundation, we must necessarily start building it as soon as possible, starting from the bottom or, which is the same, from an early age.

All children have special needs

All children have unique needs, because each of them is unique . From their learning pace to the way they express their ideas, emotions and feelings. All children have an individual and non-transferable personality.

The first step is, of course, to give them as much time as possible.  This also means keeping calm before getting angry, helping them juggle their emotions, giving them tools to manage them, playing with them, introducing creativity into their life and ultimately not putting any limits on their dreams.

You learn to educate by educating.  It seems obvious and for this we must be very careful not to fall into the traps of false beliefs. We are not aware of everything and, obviously, not everything we try to do is right at the moment (not only for the child, but also for us ) or at the right intensity.

I know how to use the famous theory, but practice is a different thing, it  is a shield behind which we defend ourselves, a barrier that limits us when we open our minds and realize that we are not committing ourselves as we should if our intent is to change our educational approach.

Despite this, without distracting ourselves from the central topic of our article, we must emphasize that the fundamental pillar on which education is based is the ability to give our children wings, so that they can realize all their dreams. If we limit them with phrases and behaviors such as: “this is too complex for you”, “if you continue on this path when you grow up you can only be a criminal”, “don’t do this your way, do it as I say”, etc ., we will create children who are immobile, defenseless, conformist and devoid of any aspiration.

Keep the sign, keep their dreams

If we give them hope, the children will grow up hopeful. if we trust them and allow them to try and make mistakes, they will learn new strategies. With our irrational fears, we can only convey anxiety and insecurity. We leave them fragile and destructible, we transform them into different people, into someone they are not or, to understand us better, into someone they don’t want to be.

This is too high a price, a risk we cannot take, because it will affect their entire life. For this, the only crystal urn that we must keep and handle with care is the one where the children have deposited their dreams, their beliefs about them and their self-esteem. It is this that they will be able to cling to in the most difficult moments and that will help them when they find themselves overcoming the surrounding barriers.

Because these barriers are the only ones that we will not be able to eliminate from their path, they will always be there even if we cannot bear their presence. For this reason, childhood is the most important moment in life, because it is devoid of sighs and because it teaches us to think about impossible things.

Nothing can stop a child, his qualities are personal and of no one else, a child does not look in the mirror comparing himself with the people next to him and if he admires someone he does it for his heroism. We therefore help  children to seek their qualities every day, we ask them what is their favorite moment of the day, what sport they are passionate about, what activities they love to do.

We must give him the right to feel important, to teach us to cut out, to draw, to model plasticine, to kick a ball with power. We must let them be enthusiastic, that they learn that, despite their small age, they can bring a lot to others .

And, for them to grow up well, we need to show them a thousand and one ways of doing things, of controlling their anger, of expressing negative emotions as well as positive ones. Let’s not let them go to bed without saying wonderful things about them, without pointing out their best qualities, their aspirations, their dreams and their aspirations. We dedicate our time to them, we dedicate quality to them, we congratulate them on their achievements, we communicate. Because it is certainly  much easier to raise a strong child than to heal a troubled adult.

Main image courtesy of Karin Taylor

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