Half the risk of death from the fourth dose of vaccine in Corona

According to the Worldometer website, where data on cases in countries and regions with the new type of coronavirus is compiled, the number of people who lost their lives to Kovid-19 worldwide reached 6 million 404 thousand 837, and the number of cases was 575. reached. Lakh 879 thousand 848. Stating that the cases are increasing rapidly in our country Assoc. Doctor. Dan Edgar;

“The number of cases in our country doubled in a week. We are facing 32 thousand cases daily. This increase reflects the shape of the new wave. If some measures are not taken, the rate of spread will increase as well as the burden on the health system.

As individuals have been facing the pandemic for the past two years, the state of relaxation, which appeared to decrease in May, must end with the introduction of the mask obligation, especially in closed spaces and public transport. We have also seen no masks being worn in hospitals, but we particularly recommend the use of N95 masks in hospitals and on public transport. ,

“Above 50-60 should have a fourth dose vaccine”

Doctor. Edgar said there are studies that show that individuals over the age of 50 who receive their fourth dose of the vaccine in the United States have a 42 percent reduced risk of death. Edgar, citing a study conducted in Israel, said, “The fourth dose of the vaccine is given to people over 60 years of age 4 months after the third dose; it was observed that the critically ill patients were 64 percentage and the mortality rate decreased by 78 percent.

Edgar said that people over a certain age, such as those aged 50-60 years, should be vaccinated, on the other hand, persons with risky conditions, chronic diseases, people with immune deficiency, who had been vaccinated in the past year. Those who had received chemotherapy and received radiation therapy in the past 6 months, and those who had organ transplants should also be vaccinated. Emphasis on need. They also pointed out that there are no data for the general population to apply the fourth dose.

“If we don’t want to shut down, masks must come back into our lives”

Edgar, who said that people who had COVID may have a fourth-dose reminder vaccine after 3 months because of a decrease in antibody levels in the blood, concluded his words: For, it is necessary to exercise caution today.

Symptoms of Omicron manifest as sore throat, fever, weakness, body aches, upper respiratory tract symptoms, and the risk of transmission is increased without the isolation procedure. As soon as these symptoms appear, a test should be done and the process of isolation should be recorded, and if not to stop, masks should re-enter our lives. ,

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