From heart health to sex life, the benefits of dark chocolate at work

Chocolate, one of the most loved snacks, has been at the center of research for years. The benefits of chocolate, which are often emphasized to please you but which lead to trouble with weight, have finally been proven by research.

A new piece of research this week adds to research that has long focused on chocolate, and lists one by one the positive effects of dark chocolate on human health.

According to a study published this week, it was found that because of the antioxidants, cocoa can lower blood pressure by making the veins and arteries more stressful, thereby keeping the heart healthy.

Researchers from the University of Surrey recommended the consumption of dark chocolate, which is high in cocoa. The researchers listed the benefits of dark chocolate as follows:

protects the heart

According to research at the University of Surrey; Dark chocolate can tighten blood vessels within hours, lowering blood pressure. This is due to flavanols (antioxidants found in cocoa), which keep blood vessel walls elastic and allow blood to flow more easily throughout the body.

Researchers studied 11 adults who consumed cocoa beans for two weeks. according to the results; Those who took the flavanols had lower blood pressure and dilated arteries.

The findings build on results from a different team of researchers in Portugal, who found that eating dark chocolate every day reduced blood pressure in just one month, thanks to its health benefits.

The study, which focused on 30 young adults who ate 20 grams of milk or dark chocolate every day for a month, found that high-cacao chocolate eaters had higher systolic blood pressure than low-cacao chocolate eaters. .

Scientists have previously found that dark chocolate can lower cholesterol. A team of US researchers asked 31 people to eat 50 grams of dark or white chocolate for 15 days. Scientists found that those who ate dark chocolate had lower blood sugar and poorer blood lipids, which may have a significant effect on reducing the risk of heart disease.

Increases falling energy

Dark chocolate attracts attention for its short-term benefits as well as its long-term effects. Dark chocolate is accompanied by caffeine and theobromine to increase energy levels as a healthy snack, especially in the afternoon.

American researchers gave dark chocolate to more than 100 young adults by weight. For example, someone weighing 60 kg was given 60 grams of dark chocolate and then underwent brain scans while participating in thinking and memory tasks.

At the end of the study, it was observed that people who consumed dark chocolate were more mindful than those who consumed other snacks.

feel happier

Scientists say that eating only a few squares of dark chocolate in a day makes people happy. Last year, a team of Korean scientists conducted research that proved that eating chocolate every day has a positive effect on mood.

They studied about 50 people who ate 30 grams of 85 percent or 70 percent dark chocolate, or none at all, for three weeks. According to the results of psychological tests, it was observed that those who ate the chocolate with the highest bitterness were the happiest.

In addition, analysis of volunteers’ stool samples suggested that chocolate increased microbial diversity in the gut, specifically the intestinal bacteria blotian, which is the mechanism behind the increase in mood. Gut bacteria produce hundreds of neurochemicals that the brain uses to regulate mental processes such as mood, memory, and learning.

Another team from University College London showed that people who regularly ate dark chocolate were less likely to be depressed. In 2019, 13,000 people were asked about chocolate consumption and symptoms of depression. And those who reported eating dark chocolate were less likely to suffer from a depressed mood. Another surprising finding in the studies was that there was no association between mood and eating white or milk chocolate.

It also positively affects sex life

It has also been said that chocolate acts as an aphrodisiac that increases sexual desire, as it is loaded with anandamide, which targets the same parts of the brain as drugs, and phenylethylamine, also known as the love drug. is referred to as.

However, studies have currently produced conflicting results regarding the association between chocolate consumption and sexual habits.

A University of California study last year suggested that people who ate more chocolate were less interested in sex. But a 2006 study of 163 women by a team at Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Italy found that those who ate more chocolate reported higher levels of sexual desire and pleasure.

Cocoa contains methylxanthines, which can make people more lethargic and reduce libido, while also contain flavonoids that provide better erections.

Experts explain the benefits of dark chocolate, but say that if it is consumed in excess, it can bring in unwanted calories.

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