Foot Okte: A pharmaceutical technique that will destroy cancer cells is about to end Phase 1

Vice President Fuat Okte visited Technokent Istanbul in Pendik and examined.

During his visit to Oktaya, Technopark Istanbul Board Chairman Prof. Doctor. Metin Yerebakan, Technopark General Manager Bilal Topku, board members, R&D firm executives and entrepreneurs.

Okte received information about products and services from entrepreneurs at the Incubation Center, where research and development studies are conducted at Technopark.

Fut Okte, who chatted with Cyber ​​Akinsiler, a student at Technopark Istanbul Vocational Technical Anatolian High School, heard the story of one of the cyber raiders, Mer Faruk Sonmez, a company, about how they found a software gap. The companies gave presentations about the products and software they developed.

One center with our 424 R&D companies

Giving a statement after the visit, Okte said that he had left Technopark, he had come to inspire and said;

*When we look at the numbers, it is a hub where we have 424 R&D companies. And we are talking about a center where we have 8,259 R&D personnel, that is, our engineers. We have already completed 2,800 projects and we have ongoing projects.

* Out of these, we have 850th Incubation Center. The future of those who say, “I don’t know anything about implementing this,” is especially for our youth, especially for our people who have ideas and projects, and pass through a certain filter. After, a qualified idea and project is a worthy center, which is taken up after reaching the qualifying stage, from which around 300 companies have emerged so far.

We saw that the medicines coming in the first phase are working here

*We have closely watched our pharmaceutical companies. Specifically in cancer research and studies on lung cancer, we’ve seen that drugs that have reached Phase I are studied here.

* And luckily, by 2023, the drugs that have reached the second phase, which are amazing studies. We are talking about a center where new methods are studied, which will destroy up to 5 tumors related to cancer, but different from existing systems in the world and technologies that we call smart chemotherapy. can be described in

*we see them. We were very pleased. By smart chemotherapy, I mean a drug technology that instead of giving chemotherapy to the whole body, it only captures a cancerous cell and destroys only that cancer cell.

* Chemotherapy and radiotherapy are both in the same field. Our patients and their relatives know this very well. This is true both in Turkey and throughout the world. Some discomfort, wounds and similar things appearing on the body. The studies on the development of dermatological products related to their removal are excellent studies.

There are very serious projects related to engine development

* There are very serious projects related to engine development. From the development of engines to our engines in the defense industry at the moment, from our engines to these Altai tanks, from Hurricane and Altai tanks to the production of engines of one thousand five hundred horsepower have been laid out, and here The work has been done, the work on the MİLGEM and, again, when we look again, we are currently on our drilling ships, the Fatih and Altai tanks. Friends brought us a product to distribute to Abdulhamid Han ten days later.

* If we delivery after ten days. This is also very interesting. We have already seen this during our President’s visit to the ship Fatih and his visit to Filyosu. I am talking about this product, which is produced in Turkey at a depth of three thousand meters, which is not found anywhere else in Turkey.

* We’re talking about a technology that enables a robot to extract natural gas at three thousand meters, just like a surgical intervention. This is something that is centrally worked on.

The New Unicorns

*Our last wish is this, when I was coming, there was another wish: You know, we’ve produced six unicorns so far. In other words, startups reaching the $1 billion level are startup entrepreneurs. We took out six of them.

*Do we have new unicorns, new candidates? This was one of the objectives of today’s visits. Thankfully, I’m glad to see that too. (DHA)

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