First lieutenant arrested with fake ID in FET’s cell house

Within the framework of the investigation against FETÖ/PDY carried out by the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, detention warrants were issued for 3 expelled lieutenants who were preparing to flee the country, living in houses called ‘Gebubet’. and continue their present organizational activities as per the directions given by the organization.

Following the decision, teams from the Izmir Provincial Security Directorate Anti-Terrorism Branch and Intelligence Branch Directorate carried out an operation at the specified address. During the operation, three people, determined to make preparations to flee abroad and for whom an arrest warrant was issued, were detained with false identities.

During the search at the address, 4 fake IDs belonging to other countries, 6 thousand 359 Turkish lira, 17 thousand 965 euros, 500 US dollars and many digital materials were seized. 3 Expulsion The first lieutenants who were detained were arrested by the court, were brought to the police station after their procedures. (UAV)

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