Fenerbahçe’s Europa League squad has been announced! Can Irfan surprise Kahvesi?

Fenerbahçe, who were eliminated by Dynamo Kyiv in the second qualifying round of the Champions League, will struggle to continue on their way to the UEFA Europa League. The shortcomings attracted attention in the list of 25 people sent to UEFA for the Europa League third round by the yellow-dark blue ones.

While new transfers Joo Pedro and Nazim Sangare, who were injured at Fenerbahce, were not included in the squad, Irfan Can Kahvesi, who was declared injured after the Dynamo Kyiv match, was not added to the list. Mauricio Lemos is also included in the list that includes Mert Hakan Yandao, who has been away from the team for some time.

While Dimitris Pelkas, Max Mayer, Steven Kolker, Mbwana Samatta, who is not injured in the Yellow-Navy Blue team but has been asked to leave the team, are not in the squad, the absence of defender Marcel Tisserand on the list has increased. Rumors of separation.

On the other hand, new signings Gustavo Henrique and Luan Pérez joined the squad.

The names listed by Fenerbahçe for the third round of the UEFA Europa League are as follows:

Altay Bayandir, Ertugrul Cetin, Gustavo Henrique Vernes, Luan Perez, Mauricio Lemos, Filip Novak, Attila Szalai, Willian Arau, Ferdi Cadoglu, Mert Hakan Yandai, Diego Rossi, Ener Valencia, Joshua King, Lincoln, Ardike, Henrik, Heinrich, , Zajk, Miguel Crespo, Burak Kapak, Ismail Yuksek, Emre More, Mergim Berisha, Cedar Dursen, Bright Osai Samuel, Mohamed Gumuskaya.

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