Fear Teaches Us To Know Ourselves Better

Fear teaches us to know ourselves better

Fear is a protective emotion and warns us of dangers. When the danger is not real, the fear becomes pathological. Even so, it continues to be an emotion that teaches us a lot about ourselves and, if we know how to understand it, we will be able to overcome it and we will be able to know ourselves more deeply.

If you think about it, in all the fears you have treasured, the ones you have faced, for sure you have drawn a clear conclusion: they weren’t that scary. Much of his strength did not go beyond the appearance of a ghost.

What is fear?

Fear is a reaction of our body, in particular of our mind, in front of a given situation, animal or person that we perceive as dangerous  or unpleasant. It is originally an emotion of survival, because it protects us from risk and danger. However, often there is no real danger and we feel fear all the same.

Fear can become a limited reaction for our life, because it can get to block us  to the point of not being able to react. But, on the other hand, we are inclined to increase its size when we do not compare it with reality.


Who we are?

From the day we are born, we live by observing and feeling emotions, whether positive or negative, among them there is also fear. Depending on the experiences lived,  fear can develop as a protective reaction to prevent an unpleasant situation previously experienced from happening.

Being one of our primary emotions, it  brings with it important information about us and about all those unpleasant situations we have experienced  and that we do not want to happen again.

All our emotions remain registered in our subconscious and, therefore, we are not aware of the information of past events that is saved.

Tackle, don’t avoid

As fear appears in our life, we tend to avoid the situations we fear in order not to experience them again. This is not a good decision, because as long as we avoid these situations, we will not learn anything. On the contrary, the fear will become stronger and more difficult to dispel.


By avoiding fear, we are feeding it. In our own while we get smaller and smaller in his presence, and each time he seems to have more and more weapons and points to attack us. This is not only noticeable in our level of fear, but also in the way it affects our life.

Eliminate fears, get to know each other

To overcome fears, there is no other remedy than to face them, overcome them  and thus obtain the satisfaction that derives from them. At the same time, to face them it is good to discover something more about ourselves, that is to know ourselves through fears, their origin, meaning and our interpretation of the danger.


For this reason, we will discover in ourselves skills and abilities that we did not think we had, and which now make our fears unmotivated; we realize that we can count on strategies to face the feared situation, probably originated in childhood, when we still did not have the means to face life.

On the other hand, for some resistant fears that we feel unable to face, it would be advisable to consult a specialist. He will look for the most suitable strategy so that fears affect us as little as possible and also to be able to overcome them.

Pay attention to emotions

It is always interested to pay attention to all our emotions and, thus, to be aware of the information that, unconsciously, remains registered for each of them.

Any emotion helps us to know ourselves, because it tells us how we see ourselves,  what we like and what we don’t, what hurts us or makes us happy and what situations remind us of past experiences, whether they are more or less positive.

Being aware of it will always provide us with valid information about ourselves,  to work on weaker or unrealistic personal aspects in relation to the present we are experiencing.

Grow and feel safer

On many occasions, since we are not aware of our personal growth and maturation, we feel emotions that correspond to past experiences, usually from childhood. We certainly grow up with them and continue to interpret present situations with the same danger as when we were little. This account by J. Bucay perfectly reflects this circumstance.

Getting to know each other through fears means being aware of what blocks and limits us,  reinterpreting apparently dangerous situations and transforming them in our mind into situations capable of facing; now we have grown up and have strategies to deal with them successfully.

Recognizing our abilities allows us to feel more confident to face any fear,  from the present moment, erasing the footprints that the past has left within us.

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