Fallin ‘Floyd: Rise After Hitting Bottom

Fallin 'Floyd: ascend after hitting bottom

Touching the bottom is like finding yourself in a lost corner of nowhere and believing that nothing in the world can save us.  Surely you too know that feeling of intense discomfort that some days does not even make you want to get out of bed, precisely because there you feel safe and protected from the cold of external reality.

In those moments of great emotional weakness, anxiety goes hand in hand with frustration and they both close your eyes: they lead you to self-pity for your misfortune, making it appear in your mind, like a crazed horse, the idea of ​​giving up.

Today we offer you a short film suitable for all audiences and which deals with the theme of negative emotions that break down the confidence you have in yourself. The short film entitled Fallin ‘Floyd teaches us, among other things, to continue after hitting rock bottom. We invite you to watch it before continuing to read.

Fallin ‘Floyd: a short short film that shows a common reality

Made in 2013 by the Dutch production company “Il Lustern”, this animated short film tells a simple story in which you will certainly identify yourself, whether it is for a story of your present or for events in the past.

Our protagonist is a young trumpet player who plays in the streets, cheering the passage of the people walking around him. In the course of his days everything seems to work at its best, but at some point he will discover something that will shake the balance of his soul: his partner, with whom he is deeply in love, has abandoned him for another person.

And it is then that the musician’s music, colors and expressions come into harmony to create a sad and melancholy environment, in line with his feelings. And as if that weren’t enough, a little black devil accompanies him in his inner fall: it prevents him from seeing, numbs him, grips him and accompanies him everywhere like a great burden to carry.

When it seems to have hit rock bottom …


Towards the middle of the short film you can see that our character enters the worst phase, in which nothing seems to succeed him well: he lacks the will and the energy. However, just as it happens in real life, something will help him get back to the surface and move on: accept the pain and overcome it.

In this way, after having passed through inhospitable places and having met other people in his same condition, he realizes that abandoning himself to himself will not lead him anywhere. Even though his little devil has now taken over, he decides to face adversity and returns to being the great happy trumpeter he once was.

The short film, without using words, manages to convey a fundamental message: any separation or traumatic moment requires a natural process of assimilation in which pain will reign,  after which we will be able to dream again, take projects, new relationships in hand. … Touching the bottom is necessary to be able to push yourself and go up stronger than before.

The power of short film images

Technically we are faced with a type of animation charged with sensitivity, which reveals to us life in its crudeness, while at the same time showing us the truth. It doesn’t matter if things go well or badly, we will always have something to say, we will always be able to make a strong decision, swim against the tide and overcome inertia.

At the same time, the short film hides within itself the value of small gestures (such as the smiles of passers-by that give peace to the musician), the importance of self-love or the courage that lies in each of us, but which we manage to bring out. only when we are in a tight spot. It is a short film full of nostalgia, emptiness, sadness and courage, characteristics aimed at describing the substance of which we are made.  


Finally, if you liked Fallin ‘Floyd , you will certainly also appreciate Little Quentin  by the same authors, Paco Vink and Albert’t Hooft, who in 2009 created another short film full of contrasts, lights and shadows, equally interesting.

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