Everything We Should Learn From Children

Everything we should learn from children

Children have the ability to infect us with their ambitions, their will to live, their joy, their way of adapting easily to changes … They are the impulse to live, the desire to know and the greatest example of lightheartedness in everyday life.

There is a lot to learn from them, indeed we should all go back to being a bit children! For this reason, today we will share with you 12 things that we should all learn from the little ones.

You are so small and you teach me so much

“You are so small, my child, but you teach me so many things. Thanks to you, I feel that the world is much more beautiful, fun and interesting, and that it is not as complicated as I thought. You are the one who makes me realize how important it is to laugh at any nonsense.

I know your love is sincere, without masks, as are your funny, seemingly meaningless words. but which actually acquire enormous significance.

You teach me to see everything through different eyes, transparent and sincere eyes, not yet contaminated by the conventionalisms and clichés that society imposes on us.

With you, everything is simply different, new, unexpected, full of illusions! You love without expecting anything, you live every moment intensely as if it were the last, and all this makes me feel like a new, alive, renewed man ”.


12 things we should learn from children

1. Get excited

Do not be afraid to get excited like children in front of a new job, a new love or new friends … Get excited even for the little everyday things and for every goal you reach.

Emotion, as well as motivation, is the engine that will lead you to make your dreams come true, never forget that.

2. Don’t be afraid of what’s new

It is better to repent of what has been done than to feel remorse for what has not been done. Eliminate phrases from your repertoire such as “What if I went to that date with that person I liked so much?”, “What if I accepted that job that scared me?”.

Reality is not made up of assumptions, and sometimes a small amount of risk is needed to move forward. Don’t limit yourself, go forward.

3. Have fun like children

Do like children, leave behind the prejudices or opinions of others. The little ones have fun, laugh and enjoy life, because they don’t care what those around them say: they just think about living in the moment.

Enjoy every little thing, smile every morning in the face of the new day and paint your daily routine with a touch of humor.

4. Be curious

Losing curiosity is a bit like dying inside. Be curious to learn new things, to discover places you have never seen… Curiosity is what contributes to our full realization.

5. Be honest

We adults are often not free to speak; we feel fear or ashamed, because we do not know if others will like what we say, how they will react, if they will be upset.

If, on the other hand, we say what others wanted to hear, we don’t feel good about ourselves. Get rid of this burden, speak sincerely … like children!

If we are not sincere, we will not give the opportunity to others to know us, or even to ourselves.

6. Enjoy the moment

It is said “take advantage of the positive moments, because the negative ones come by themselves”. Live, enjoy life, take advantage of every moment of leisure.

Many times, when an illness knocks on our door or when a loved one leaves us, we realize so many things. Perhaps we should be more aware that we are “here” only in passing.


7. Love for no reason

Why are we so afraid of love? Children love without a reason. They don’t think their pet will die one day or that their childhood love as adults will be just a distant memory.

Don’t mind tomorrow, enjoy today. Love is one of the most beautiful things you can experience, why does it scare you so much? Are you afraid of suffering? Everything passes, even the suffering … just think that life is worth living.

8. Adapt to changes

When it comes to adapting to change, children are true teachers. They can change house, school or state, but nothing happens!

And to us adults, what could possibly happen? Changes serve to renew and enrich our lives.

9. Don’t be afraid of falling, you will get up

Have you ever seen a child fall to the ground and never get up again? Life works like this: often our mind is the only one to impose limits on us.

Phrases such as “I will not do it for fear of not succeeding” do nothing but anchor us to the point where we are without giving us the right push to continue on our way.

Fall down to get up, there’s nothing wrong with that!

10. Don’t pay too much attention to the grown-ups

We give too much importance to those around us. Is this what you really want?

Listen to your heart, act on who you are.

11. Ask without fear and without shame

What’s wrong with asking? Think you sound silly by asking a question? Exactly the opposite happens: asking demonstrates our humility and our desire for knowledge.

12. Rest, don’t force your body

When a child is tired, he goes to sleep … very often, the lack of rest makes us fall into chronic stress that does not allow us to live. Take a deep breath and take the time to regain your strength.

To conclude: go back to being children and never lose hope! How can this be done? Always having a child next to you.

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