Essel was reborn with a heart transplant

The daughters of housewife Merv Adyaman and private security worker Mercel Adyaman, Essel Lena Adyaman, returned thanks to their namesake Asel nanın (2), whose heart died as a result of a fall from a height in Konya.

Essel Lena Adayamana, who was treated for heart failure at AJ University Medical Faculty (EUTF) Hospital, had a successful operation and a heart transplant. Head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Prof. Doctor. Mustafa Ozbaran, Prof. Doctor. Tahir Yagdi, Prof. Doctor. Yuksel Atay, Prof. Doctor. Kagete Engin, Dr. Instructor Osman Nuri Member of Tuner, Head of the Department of Pediatric Intensive Care Prof. Doctor. Bulent Karapiner and Pediatric Cardiology Faculty member Prof. Doctor. After the operation performed by Zulal Algar’s team, Essel Lena’s health condition rapidly returned to normal.

Merv Adoyman said that when her daughter Aselle was diagnosed with pneumonia when she was 4 months old, she was diagnosed with heart failure due to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and was told that her only solution was a transplant. . Asselin, who followed-up at AJ University for nearly 2 years, said she was often hospitalized, but the time spent in the intensive care unit had recently increased. Thankfully, we got the news of the transfer at 24.00. At that moment we burst into tears of joy. Because a day ago the doctor in the Intensive Care Unit said that our daughter’s condition is critical and we have to be ready for anything. It was in service for 15 days. He was moved to the intensive care unit and put on a ventilator, and he said he could also be linked to dialysis.

I have never given up hope in God

Emphasizing that Aselin’s condition is getting worse day by day, Adiyaman said that fluid restriction was imposed and the swelling happened because her body had swollen. Merv Adyaman, who said he never saw his daughter while in intensive care but saw her on the day of the heart transplant, said:

Our babies who are waiting to be transferred to the hospital are being given liquid restrictions, I could hear the babies crying as they wanted to drink water in the next room. I could not even give enough water to my baby. Because there was edema and the eyelids were swollen. I have never given up hope in God. We didn’t contact the family in Konya who donated our organs, but I learned that the baby’s name was Asel, my daughter’s name. I want to see you, when Asel is well, we still want to go to Konya together. We would like to invite them to Izmir and host them in our house. Asel is also their daughter. The family can come and see my daughter whenever they want. The transfer took place on July 15, a public holiday. Our doctors had come that night, some from leave, some from their homes. We are grateful to all of them.

he is our miracle

Marcel Adiaman said that his only dream is to fully hug and kiss his daughter, and expressed that he would take her to the playground. Adiyaman said he was overjoyed and said:

We experienced a great miracle. I feel that the family which has donated their daughter’s organ will be rewarded in this world and in the hereafter. As a father my biggest dream was to have a daughter. God has given me an angel. I thought my daughter’s illness was an invitation from God. Somehow, I accepted it and struggled. If the doctors told me to amputate my hand for my daughter, I would. God forbid such a situation should happen to anyone. We have been fighting this disease for 1.5 years. May Allah’s blessings be on the doctors of Iz University a thousand times. When my daughter is out of intensive care, I want to fully hug her, kiss her and play games with her, because I miss her so much. My biggest dream is to give water to my daughter because we could not even give her water. Our angel, she is our miracle. I could not take her to the park for fear of infection.

There is no longer any organ donation in this age group

Pointing out that the patient was diagnosed with myocarditis at the age of 4 months and resulted in heart failure, the head of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Prof. Doctor. Mustafa zbaran said that Asel’s health condition was quite good after the transplant. Stating that there was no other way to treat Asselin, who was hospitalized due to heart failure, Dr. was forcibly placed on a ventilator when his health deteriorated. His liver was about to fail, so in the last hours for our patient, news came from Konya that an organ had been found. When another child in the same age group died of brain death, the heart was flown by plane to Izmir with the consent of the family. After the transplant, our daughter recovered within 24 hours. His impaired organs and systems are now in good condition. He continues to be brought up in the Intensive Care Unit to contain the infection. But he is healthy and has no problem at the moment.

Pointing out that the number of organ donations in the younger age group is insufficient, zbaran said:

Unfortunately, organ donation is not very common in this age group. Even if our heart patients have no disease in other organs, we cannot do anything and we lose them. This patient and we were lucky. Transplantation is very rare in Turkey in the same weight and age group. This was the first time at EG University. This is one of the first 3 patients in Turkey. Our patient is followed for life, but he can go home within 10-15 days. He gradually adapted to the limb, but he would take his medication to make up for the risk of infection and continue his life as normal. (DHA)

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