Esin Noor baby, whose mother died in an accident, is in intensive care

The accident happened yesterday at around 15.00 in the Mantea district of Denizli-Civiril road. Under the direction of Mucahit Durmus, the car with license plate number 07 HJ 424 spiraled out of control and overturned in a stockade.

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Health, fire and gendarmerie teams were dispatched to the area with the information of those who witnessed the accident. The fire brigade team rescued the driver of the overturned car, Mukahit Durmus and his wife Ayse Durmus, their daughters Esin Noor and Mina Zara Durmus from the place where they were trapped.

The injured were taken by medical teams to Sivril Sehit Hilmi Oz State Hospital. Ayas Durmus, whose health condition is critical, could not be saved despite all interventions. Mukahit Durmus and his daughters Esin Noor and Mina Zara Durmusun continue to be treated at the hospital. It was learned that Esin Noor’s condition was critical and she was transferred to Denizli State Hospital and taken to intensive care. (DHA)

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