Emre More: I think with time everything will get better

In the first match of the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League, Fenerbahçe opened the door for the tour after beating Czech team Slovako 3–0. After the match, Emre Mor, who had just joined the yellow-dark blue team, made a statement to the press.

Elaborating on the win, Mor said, “I can say that we played well, but I think there are some points we need to improve on. A 3-0 win was a happy result for us. I can say that.” I wish we got an advantageous score for the next match. I am very happy with the win. Of course, we try new things with our new teacher. To present things better and reveal what the teacher wants better. It also takes a while. “I think things will get better with time,” he said.

to fulfill my teacher’s trust

Emphasizing that coach George Jesus trusted him after the Dynamo Kyiv match, the young footballer said, “After the last game, I spoke to my coach. All we saw was a red card. It was physically difficult for me to perform in those moments. In that regard, I was not physically fit enough. We talked to our teacher about this. Then he took me to the field again today in the starting 11. I also wanted to show myself. I was 11 years old to fulfill his trust in me. “I tried to do well,” he said.

beautiful things at the end of the season

Emphasizing that he wants to win the Imranspor match, which he will play in the first week of the Super League on Monday, Emre Mor completed his statement with the following statement:

“We have determination, we have a goal. We have to go match by match. Of course, we want to win the match that we play on Monday. We also have winning qualities. We represent a big club. Our goal, of course, is to achieve successes and victories. I think the game we play will reach a much better level with time. I believe we can achieve good things at the end of the season “

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