Education associations evaluate SÖZCÜ scam and cancellation of KPSS, draw attention to YKS, ALES, TUS, YÖKDİL exams

Nejla Board of Education Sen said that they expect an effective inquiry and a parliamentary inquiry, especially since it pertains to lakhs of citizens, and added, “We suspect that the YKS examinations and previous examinations in the past weeks have shown similar results.” There may be allegations of such kind. For this reason, all examinations conducted by the SYM should be included in the purview of scrutiny. “A very comprehensive investigation is needed,” he said.

“Turns out that the leaking of the question is true”

Expressing that the youth, their relatives and the society are facing great disappointment, the Board said:

“Things they feel should not be forgotten. It seems that the examination-oriented system has collapsed. Education needs to be radically changed in line with the understanding of public education. The cancellation of KPSS 2022 revealed that question leaks are genuine. It was revealed that the work, money and dreams of more than one and a half lakh youth and their relatives were stolen. The new SYM president ‘apologises’, the process cannot be stopped by apologizing to a person and dismissing him Is.

“Exams like Ales, Tus, Yukadal should also be postponed”

On the other hand, Education Business President Kadem Ozbe evaluated the decision to cancel the KPSS as a positive step, and said that exams like ALS, TUS and YKDL, which were to be held in the next two months, should be postponed until all doubts. needed. are clarified. Stating that the scams in the previous KPSS are possible fingerprints of crimes in the recent past, he said, “Let’s name it, it means that the credibility of the exam is overshadowed in those auditions where the supporters like to go under the name. Interview. Unless the order of the merchant in education changes, it only means changing the name of the thieves.

“Publishing houses’ links to power, community, proof transition must be investigated”

Emphasizing that the investigation launched should cover all examinations involving the publisher, Ozbe said, “Noting that not too far away, the test questions were leaked to FETO members, and who The plagiarism was exposed, not the leakers, they were tried, the investigation launched should cover all the examinations that involved the publisher concerned, and there will be no justice. We insist. The aforesaid All allegations regarding links to the publishing house, which conducts studies with the government, communities and supporting associations on examinations conducted for state cadres, including the police, should be carefully investigated and shared with the public.

“Education as a Business We Won’t Follow You”

Ozbe also said:

“We are asking on the occasion of this scam: those who have not been discussed for years and who have not been able to conduct a single examination, who have not been brought with suspicion; the professionals who stole the hope of lakhs of youth in KPSS. How to pass the qualifying exam, which will affect the whole professional life of teachers? How can we be sure that the exam will be conducted with merit and justice? Know that as ishitim-İş as education soldiers of the headmaster, we Don’t give up on questions.

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