‘Drugs’ reaction from Xenor to Soylu: the man concerned is in the palace

IYI Party President Meral Aksner addresses citizens in the Armutlu district of Yalova.

IYI Party President Meral Aksner recently responded to messages shared by Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu on his social media account.

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Pointing out that according to what Soylu had said, the AK Party government did not fight against drugs before July 15, 2016, Aksner said, “Now I am asking President Erdoan; is it true that Suleiman What did Soylu say? Said. In his answer to the Captain’s question, Exner stated that the person responsible for the time was in the palace.

Exner welcomed former minister Yasser Okuyan, who was in the audience and whom he called older brother.

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Stating that he has been visiting provinces, districts and businessmen since January 20, 2020, Aksner said, “I never praised my party in those shops, I never condemned any other political party. I Only listened to the concerns of our customers and the concerns of our merchants. I shared what I learned from them with the public. Our representatives prepare parliamentary questions, research proposals and bills about them. Thanks to the IYI party, real troubles began to be talked about for the first time. The phrase was used.

Exner said they would build a new understanding of politics, one that would be voter-friendly again, in which solution proposals based on voters’ problems are contested and all politicians go hand in hand, pitting against the elites. There are. does it matter? I did politics in True Path party. Mr. Yasser Okuyan did politics in the Mathrubhumi Party. We criticized each other, but we criticized the subject on you. In other words, the contest would be based on a solution where you were the subject and you had your own problems. So, no one will accuse anyone of being terrorists, scammers and scavengers, we will be in official reprimand before voters. They said.

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together we will destroy the bastard order

Exner continued as follows:

There is an illegal order in this country today. There are consultants who get 5 pay, 10 pay and 15 pay, while you are falling for each other through espionage and the value of voters is gone. They are lying side by side. Whereas your son, your daughter cannot be appointed with 92 marks; If a friend who got 58 in the interview is appointed, it is a bastard order. We will join hands with you to change this and with your halal votes, democracy in the ballot box, we will change and destroy this haram system.

How long have they been building your hospital for those who listen to him? Questioning Exner, he said that if there would be competition to solve the problems, they would compete to build the hospital.

“38 billion lira out of your pocket”

Exner said the voters were apprentices and added;

But look what’s happening? They took 24 billion lira out of your pocket from Turk Telekom and put them in Harir’s pocket. It’s a shame, because Hariri is a respected family friend of mine. He put it in Harir’s pocket so as not to be ashamed. I am talking about 24 billion lira. Now he has also made a mark park. I visited it yesterday.

* 14 billion lira were spent on Ankapark. Oddly enough, dinosaurs are moaning. Take two, it’s out of your pocket. When you add 24 billion lira to 14 billion lira, it makes 38 billion lira. How many factories were built outside your hospital? How many jobs will be created for our youth? All KYK loans can be waived.

* It can be said that I will pay by the state. From elementary school to the end of high school, we could provide free breakfast and lunch to all our children studying in the state. Stunting started in big cities. Babies can’t grow because they don’t eat protein. Our farmers could not apply fertilizer in April.

* Fertilizer can be given free of cost in April. Diesel, medicine can be discounted. Inputs from the breeder and the milk producer could have been seriously helped. It can be ensured that the breeder and the milk producer survive.

From Aikener to Erdoa: Do Great People Tell the Truth?

After his speech, the IYI party leader met the shopkeepers of the district.

Exner responded to messages shared by Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu on his social media account over the past few days, following a question he was asked:

“I didn’t reply to Mr. Soylu’s tweet. Now that you’re kidding, I’ll reply. Mr. Soylu says: ‘The Fight Against Drugs 2016, after July 15th.’ Well, the AK Party government started in 2002, right? Was our President our Prime Minister then? Yes. So, in all that process, as Mr. Soylu claims, my dear puppy, these friends fought against drugs I am now asking President Mr. Erdogan; is it true what Suleiman Soylu said?

In his answer to the captain’s question, Exner stated that the person responsible for the period was in the palace.

Mehmet Agara was walking when I was saying on Akinere clay

On the other hand, Murat Ode, advisor to Meral Exner, shared on social media, that Minister Suleiman Soylu asked to throw mud at Meral Exner, ax on a stone and go to Mehmet Asara.. let’s see what happens. Use your statements.

What did Soylu say?

Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu targeted IYI party president Meral Akseneri with the following statements:

Ms. Meral; You misunderstood politics, we have a part in it. We are getting the strongest results in history on drugs. After July 15, when you became prime minister, the number of drug deaths fell from 941 to 270 by the end of 2021. We are running the largest drug seizure in history. We will eradicate drugs, Ms. Merall; Ask your ambassadors about the situation in the West. Oh, without forgetting, you knew Captagon very well during your internship period. how much was it really

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