Diego Carlos’s reaction comparing Marco to Seville: We didn’t come to talk about him

Former Galatasaray defender Marco, who was transferred to Sevilla, one of the Spanish La Liga teams, made a statement about his new club and the news about him at a press conference held for him.

Marco, 26, who has not yet played for Sevilla, said he is ready to play in the first week of La Liga in a match against Cadiz. I had minor injuries but now I am fine. Marko, who said my coach would decide whether I would play on Saturday, also spoke about his transfer to Sevilla.

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Maracao, my coming here means a lot to me and my family. A huge club with important goals. My colleagues have taken great care of me from day one. I felt at home from day one. This is a club I have been a fan of for a long time. “I love the way he plays and the enthusiasm of his fans throughout the game,” he said.

The Brazilian star said that he would do everything to help his team, as he did in Galatasaray, and commented that I think I can make my coach and teammates work harder, as I did at my old club.

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It is Marco, Diego Carlos and Diego Carlos who said that it was not fair to compare them to Jules Conde and Diego Carlos who left the team. Marco is Marco. We’re not here to talk about Diego Carlos. I am here to speak for Sevilla and achieve the goal. “Conde is a very good player, but now it’s another club,” he said.

One of Sevilla’s defenders, Conde signed a contract with Barcelona, ​​while Diego Carlos was transferred to Aston Villa.

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The Brazil defender, who got emotional remembering his brother, whom he considers his role model, said he spoke to his former teammates, who played in Sevilla. Successful defender, I talked to Mariano before he arrived. He was very happy here. Fernando also told me that this is a great club. He said that if we look at the last 5-6 years, then his goals are getting bigger.

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— Sevilla FC (@SevillaFC_ENG) 12 July 2022

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