Dear Myself, I Deserve To Be Treated Better

Dear myself, I deserve to be treated better

Dear myself, I deserve to be treated better. I want to take advantage of this occasion when I see you reflected in the mirror to explain how I feel. Have you ever stopped to reflect on the fact that everything you say to me, you are actually saying to yourself?

I tolerated everything from “worthless” to criticism. Why are you so unfriendly to yourself? Have you forgotten that we are the same person?

I want you to know this is not a complaint letter. Dear myself, you are enough for complaints. What I would like to achieve with this letter is to make you understand that there are many things you do not see. You have to stop paying attention only to the details that hurt us.

Stop complimenting yourself

Dear myself, the times I’ve had to listen to you complaining about me never end! You don’t show much respect for who we are. Self-compassion seems to be your favorite sport and you don’t even give yourself a chance to see all the good in us.

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You advance in life by continuing to wonder why you don’t get what you deserve. Have you ever thought that perhaps you have much more than you think? I would like you to stop for a moment in front of the mirror and, instead of criticizing your nose or your belly, thank you for the legs that give you the opportunity to move.

You may not think the same as me, but complacent won’t help you achieve anything. If at least your criticisms were positive, and prompted you to do something about it, then it would be worth it.

What if you stop giving me nicknames?

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, you find a new nickname. The problem is that they are never remotely pleasant. Dear myself, how about trying a little bit and finally understanding that physical characteristics don’t define you? I’m serious! Think about it and you will see that I am right.

Instead of calling me “fat”, you could call me “nice”. I mean it, stop seeing me only from a negative point of view. You are more than that. You are smart, you are kind, you are a friend, you are a father, you are a mother.

If that defect that bothers you actually seems so unbearable, then make an effort to change it. It won’t do you any good to spend the rest of your life complaining repeatedly. Really, I’d like you to work on the inside, just like you do when you make your outer appearance more beautiful.

Surround me with people who love us

Dear myself, it’s hard enough to fight against all your teasing. And your habit of getting together with your friends to talk bad about me isn’t nice. Have you ever thought that maybe you surround yourself with too many toxic relationships?

Not only do I deserve to be treated better. You may also make an effort to socialize with people who are more positive. People who help you see the good in you and who help you improve every day.

Leave behind the chatter and all the nonsense that is useless. Why don’t you go out more often with that friend who tells you you’re beautiful every time she sees you? You are, you just have to believe it.

Test us

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When was the last time you did something that seemed impossible? Dear myself, sometimes I really believe you don’t know me. You are afraid of testing yourself because you are afraid of failing. The irony of all this is that you have already failed when you are convinced that you cannot do it.

No matter what it is, I want you to challenge us so that we can break our limits and achieve our dreams. I try to tell you with wishes and hopes, but you only respond by thinking about reality.

Can you explain what reality is? Because in my opinion, reality is what we allow ourselves to accept. Let me show you all the potential you have!

Dear myself, be yourself

The last thing I’d like to ask you is to go back to being yourself. Among so many commitments, fears, doubts and frustrations, I no longer know who we are. I just ask you to go back to being that child who laughed out loud, full of hope.

I know that life is difficult and that you have received many disappointments. I also know that you have cried many times because they broke your heart. However, this is life: to love, grow, laugh, cry, get excited and start over.

Please don’t put me aside. Dear myself, I am you and I ask you to live life with passion, as if the world were to end today. I don’t know if we’ll still be here tomorrow to try again.

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