Courage Is Not The Absence Of Fear

Courage is not the absence of fear

If you think that a brave person means someone who is not afraid, you are wrong.  We must never seek our worth in the intrepidity of not feeling fear of anything in this world, otherwise our ability to overcome what scares us is capable of subduing us and making us immobile.

Never forget that fear is a powerful force, ever present in this world. Many of the powerful people move driven by the fear of losing what they have. It is very important, therefore, to always be careful, as life continually offers us opportunities, including that of having the courage to overcome what we do not know or fear.

The power of fear

Fear is frightening.  It is a feeling capable of making us immobile, it is a natural force that can have such a great effect that it makes us unable to react, because of what others will say, what can happen, what we can lose and what they could make us.

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However, there are big names of people who have been able to stand up to their innermost fears  and demonstrate the courage to carry on, even with a lot to lose and risking their own lives.

The courage to face fears

It is important, in order to navigate the winding stream of life, to overcome our fears.  There is only one way to do it and that is to have the courage to face them. Only people who are able to face their innermost fears and overcome them will be able to be truly happy in life.

We must never think that people are not afraid, it is a natural feeling, typical of the human being, that we have all experienced in our life. It is not brave who does not recognize his fear, but who overcomes it.  

When you look at people who are courageous, capable of daring, you are wrong if you think that they do not feel a deep fear. They are people who are overcoming this feeling, who look him in the eye and are able to leave it behind.

Daily fears

Today, there are many fears we face. Some real, others created by ourselves. However, who isn’t afraid of losing their job? Who isn’t afraid of losing a loved one? Who does not panic about having their say, due to the possible consequences?

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They have instilled various fears in us through daily messages, through the mass media, chatter at the bar or grandiloquent speeches. And these are managing to make us forget our courage to face our fear and overcome it.  

Only by overcoming these fears, will we be able to feel good about ourselves. Only in this way will we be the people we have always dreamed of being. Only in this way can we be happy, overcoming what makes us panic at night and immobilizes us.

The real fear, what we must really fear, is the inability to overcome the fears that imprison our soul and prevent us from moving freely, to  forget the passion we put into what we do and the enthusiasm for life, the lack of courage to overcome failures and adversities – these are the truly terrifying things in the world.

Don’t leave your courage in a drawer every morning.  Remember that your life is precious, that your voice deserves to be heard, and that your worth defines you as a person. Forget your fears, face them every day of your life and raise your head to show your pride and strength.

Use all the courage you have to face your fears,  because there is no greater fear than not being able to face problems, not being ourselves every minute that passes, not finding the value to sabotage terror.

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