Chip tracking against child abduction in hospital

In 2017, the Code Pink tracking system was implemented at Adana City Training and Research Hospital to prevent children from being kidnapped or confused.

The project, which is followed by a chip wristband worn on the wrists of mother and child, received Best Radio Frequency Identification Technology Solution in Healthcare in the United States of America (USA) in 2018.

Thanks to the Pink Code tracking system, when babies and moms-to-be’s wrist-worn chip is 1.5 meters from each other, alarm sounds and building doors automatically lock when motion sensors are activated .

In the practice of pink code tracking system in the hospital; When a newborn baby was taken from its mother, the alarm sounded. After the doors that closed on their own, the nearest security personnel alerted and approached the child.

Mother and child safety

Adana City Training and Research Hospital Support and Quality Services Manager Nouri Karsloglu provided the following information about the system:

So far more than 53 thousand babies have been delivered in our hospital. Wristbands were fitted with chips to ensure the safety of each born child. The system is activated when the mother and baby are about 1.5 meters apart. As soon as the system is activated, the code gets into the security room and the area is isolated to ensure the security of the area and the child is not abducted. We are getting positive results in our practices.

Ayo Orhan, who has just given birth, said that she witnessed the practice for the first time and said, “I had never heard of a practice like this before. Right now, I’m so happy to hear it when something negative happens.” security, then the whole hospital begins to have security. “I feel more relaxed and at peace,” he said. (DHA)

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