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TAYSAD President Albert Syedam said that for the first time China is beginning to shrink in the automotive industry and this will have a negative impact on all world markets.

Chinese brakes for vehicle manufacturers

The year 2022 which started with hope in the automotive sector, called the locomotive sector of Turkey, continues with uncertainties. The sector, which has been off target in sales figures in recent years, has given up hope of another spring recovery after the pandemic. Albert Saidam, president of the Vehicle Supply Manufacturers’ Association, said the uncertainty in the sector increased in the second half of the year.

the uncertainty deepens

Expressing that this uncertainty has been deepened by the re-imposition of pandemic measures in Europe coupled with rising energy costs, Saidam said the developments in the Far East also negatively impacted the global automotive market Is. transparent, SugarHe said that for the first time the automotive industry has started shrinking and this situation will affect the whole world. Saidum said: “It’s not because of problems in the supply chain, but because of the lack of demand there. If you notice, for the first time, a reduction in demand is on the automotive agenda from China.

Turkey climbs 1st rank

This will be a very important agenda item in the coming period. Because till now there was always problem in supply. Actually, there is demand in the world, but vehicle cannot be produced to meet this demand, but opposite signs are coming in China.” Turkey’s as of 2021 World Saydam, explaining that vehicle production has increased a step further, said Ukraine after the crisis. RussiaHe said production in factories in Turkey stalled and Turkey increased.

SCT. Emphasis on “strong domestic market” in

Albert Saidam, who made a statement about the reduction in SCT in cars brought in by CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, said he would support any decision that would ensure a strong domestic market. Emphasizing that all kinds of burdens holding back the growth of the market should be removed, Saidam said, “It is our general desire to take this decision together with the stakeholders, taking the opinion of the stakeholders.”

Albert Saydam, President of the Association of Automotive Supply Manufacturers

very few vehicles sold

Noting that Turkey has moved from 18th to 19th in the world in vehicle sales, Albert Saydam said, “The number of vehicles per capita in vehicle use is low. So there is a lot of potential in the domestic market. We see that unfortunately we still haven’t realized this potential.”

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