US President Biden’s Covid-19 test was negative

He was again placed in quarantine after US President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 on July 30. In a letter published by Biden’s doctor, Kevin O’Connor, Bidena said the previous COVID-19 test was negative, adding that Biden would isolate himself at the White House until a second negative test. 79-year-old Bidena, whose first Covid-19 … Read more

Details of grain shipment from Ukraine

At Ukrainian ports, development continues around the Ukraine Grain Shipment Agreement signed by Ukraine, Russia, the United Nations and Turkey. Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, Oleksandr Kubrakov, announced on his social media account that a foreign ship has arrived at Chornomorsk Port to load grain for the first time since the Russo-Ukraine war that began in February. … Read more

Sirens are sounding in Tel Aviv and Askalani

A written statement was made by the spokesman of the Israeli army on this subject. The statement said 449 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip, where the military has been carrying out its attacks for two days, and 354 of them were fired towards Israel. Arms and ammunition storage and strikes on military bases … Read more

FT: There is growing concern in the West over Turkey’s deepening ties with Russia

The British Financial Times newspaper said in its news about the meeting between the president and AKP chairman Erdogan and Russian President Putin that Western officials are concerned about deepening economic cooperation between Turkey and Russia. Six Western officials told the Financial Times they were concerned about an agreement between Turkish and Russian leaders to … Read more

Palestinians killed in Israeli attacks rise

According to a statement made by the Palestinian Health Ministry, 15 Palestinians, including a 5-year-old child and two women, lost their lives in Israel’s attacks on Gaza. It was said that 125 civilians were injured in the attacks, but no information was given about the condition of the wounded. Salam Marouf, the head of the … Read more

Iran: We expect realistic approach from US in nuclear talks

Iranian Foreign Minister Hussein Amir Abdullahian and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi called to discuss global and regional issues and bilateral relations, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Emphasizing that Iran has always followed a one-China policy, Abdullahiyan condemned the visit of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, saying, “As … Read more

Calling for Spain to treat immigrants equally

Spanish non-governmental organization Caminando Fronteras urged the government to treat Ukrainian migrants equally to all immigrants, regardless of where they came from. María González Rollán, director of Caminando Fronteración, made a statement to the AA correspondent about the treatment of immigrants from Spain. Stating that he welcomed the decision to provide financial aid to Ukrainian … Read more

United Nations: Malian army kills civilians

The United Nations (UN) reported that 33 civilians were killed by Malian forces and fair-skinned soldiers in an operation near the Mauritanian border. In a new report released by UN experts, it was stated that the Malian army, and possibly white-skinned soldiers, allegedly working closely with Wagner mercenaries in one of their campaigns in the … Read more