American nurse prioritizes vans for aesthetics

American nurse Mary Wambold, 39, contacted a Turkish doctor she saw while researching the Internet. The Wambold van came in to remove the abdominal tissue. “I was worried when I came here, but now no one is there. The doctors did a good job,” said Mary Wambold, who performed surgery at Van Training and Research … Read more

7 biggest enemies of our mind

Our mind is influenced by everything about which we are aware or not aware most of the time in our daily life. This condition increases the risk of facing many serious problems for us, ranging from depression to lack of attention, learning difficulties to forgetfulness. Hence neurology specialist Prof. Said that we need to make … Read more

Decision to please doctors: fine and dacoity rule canceled

The Constitutional Court struck down Article 8 of the Family Medicine Law No. 5258, finding unconstitutional the reasons for termination of the contract in the Family Medicine Contract and Payment Regulation. Health professional labor organizations, including the Turkish Medical Association (TTB) and the Union and Solidarity Union, said some of the articles were unconstitutional and … Read more

Support for acin enol from doctors: we are not silent, we are not afraid, we are not going anywhere!

Gazi University infectious disease specialist Prof., who was threatened and attacked on social media at the call of the Turkish Medical Association (TTB). Doctor. Representatives of health and labor professional organizations that came together for Esin Davutoğlu enol said that targeting and threatening scientists is unacceptable. In the speeches given, it was said that Esin … Read more

A COPD patient in Mersin has been waiting for results for 2.5 months: ‘Will it come out after death?’

Hussain Rhodes, a 60-year-old father of two children who had been battling chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) for nearly six years, fell ill at home last March. After being taken by ambulance to Mersin City Hospital and under observation for 11 hours, Rhodes was recommended to go to cardiology. Rhodes, who had done heart tomography … Read more

SMA patient Eda . $1.8 million raised for

After the birth of her daughter Aidan, whom Hatice Bytekin had given birth to four years earlier, her physical activity saw a rapid slowdown. Little Ada, who couldn’t move her legs and couldn’t crawl, was taken to the hospital by her family. Adaya was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) type 1 disease, known as … Read more