Being able to go out!

Our country’s Minister of Treasury and Finance, Nureddin Nebati, continues to make you smile.

In the first days of his ministry, he made us laugh by saying “look into my eyes” and that the future of the economy was in his eyes.

Describing the dollar’s decline after December 20, he shouted with childish joy, “We didn’t do anything, we didn’t do anything.” On seeing him, the happiness on his face spread to us and we all laughed together.

Then he said that we will sleep on December 27, 2021 and wake up in six months and the economy will recover so that we can smile. We laughed for six months, but our dreams of improvement were shattered.

He once said that the Turkish lira had looked down and would not fall any more. In those days, the dollar rate was over 14 lira. While we were listening, we said, “You made us laugh again, God make you laugh too”! However, at the point we reached today, the dollar has reached 18.

Nowadays, “We didn’t do anything! We don’t understand why it fell down” and we remember “Turkish lira has hit the bottom” and laugh.

Minister Nebati is so dedicated to making us laugh, or at least making us smile, that he made up a new joke the night before. He told an anecdote:

“We are in talks with a minister from a foreign country. He said, ‘Inflation is very high in your country’ and I said ‘right’. ‘We will fight it, we will solve it, we are determined. But look, I said, ‘I’m going out with this inflation. You can’t go out with 10% inflation.”

I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it.

At first I wanted to laugh with laughter.

Then I saw that there was an important discovery that reflected the tragedy we’ve been in and that we’ve been through for some time, and I was sad. Being a citizen of this country I felt that he was making fun of me and got angry.

I was angry for two reasons.

At first, he was officially making fun of our minds.

He was telling the foreign minister, “Your people don’t take you to the streets when inflation is 10 percent, our people hug us on the street, despite (official) inflation of 80 percent,” and he put the Turkish people in. was in his place. He did not hide his satisfaction that people were silent and unresponsive to negativity.

Second, he was not telling the truth.

Because, as he told the foreign minister, he could not go out or go out.

Last week, a prominent journalist called me and said, “Where are our finance minister and finance minister? He has been silent for a week, and there is no news about him.

I was curious and started researching. Fortunately, he made a statement that day about 500 and 1000 TL paper money, and we learned that he was still at work.

Leave the road, how can this reflect the truth when a minister, who is so far off the agenda that a diligent veteran journalist asks the question “Where is our real Treasury and Finance Minister?”

I was not lazy, I also searched for the answer to this question, namely the “curfew” of the minister. I looked at the archives of AA bulletins and newspapers close to the government.

After becoming minister, I saw that on 15 April, in Samsun, 10 May in Kastamonu/Bozkurt, which was the victim of the flood disaster (for a very short time), on 11 June in Gaziantep and in Diyarbakir. On July 1, he encountered the traders. He heard a lot of problems during those visits. The merchants were drowned in their troubles.

Of course, he also showed up in Anatolian cities such as Urfa, Kaseri and Adana, but he was content to attend the Hall’s meetings.

I applied on google also. I wrote the sentence “Nebati visited the shopkeepers” and searched. A few pages came out and I only saw his visits in Samsun, Gaziantep and Diyarbakir. However, when I searched for the same sentence under the names of IYI party leader Meral Exner, CHP leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu, DEVA party leader Ali Babakan, I found hundreds of pages.

Here’s a fact:

When the economy is in ruins, it is not easy for architects and members of the government to take to the streets.

Both civilians, who were crushed under the high cost of living, and shopkeepers who lost their customers and income as the citizen’s purchasing power dwindled, reacted and angered those responsible for the wreck.

Exactly the same thing happens in Turkey.

I want the minister to come out on the road and listen to the real problems of the people. If only he could spot what economic disaster they created and wake up from dreamland he is trying to sell us!

Note: Some of our readers and TV viewers send messages like “man’s right, Americans, Germans are reacting to 10 percent inflation, but our people keep quiet to 80 percent”. This finding does not reflect reality. Despite lawsuits, threats of compensation and imprisonment, and pressure from local governments and bureaucracy, in this environment, businessmen and citizens are now raising their problems loudly. It has to be respected.

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