BEDAŞ announced! power failure in istanbul

In the written statement made by BEDAŞ (Boğaziçi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş.), the following statements were used:

“Due to the fire, which was started by an unknown person at about 16:00 today (August 4, Thursday) near the downstream transformer center in Aksaray, a district of Istanbul Fatih, there has been serious damage to our electricity that feeds the area. cable.

As soon as the fire was reported, power cuts were made in some areas of the area to ensure safety of life and property and the fire brigade after dousing the fire started working intensively to repair the damaged electrical wires. Gave.

We regret to inform that our citizens residing in Aksaray district within the boundaries of our Fatah district and Iskenderpasa, Hobayar, Emincinon, Binbardirek, Demirtas, Beyazit, Balbansa and Ali Kuscu districts are affected by power cuts due to the fire .

– We say that our teams continue to work uninterruptedly to fix the fault and activate the area in the healthiest way possible, and we thank our citizens for their understanding during this process.

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