Aziz Cetin: The biggest brand in the city of Antalyaspor

Antalyaspor President Aziz Setin made a special statement about the agenda. President Etin, who said they are ready for the league as are management, technical team and football players, said that we finished 7th last season. “Our goal this year is to at least rank high,” he said.

Antalyaspor, the biggest brand in the city

Expressing that they want to increase the brand value of Antalyaspor with sponsorship agreements, President etin said, Antalyaspor has been Antalya’s largest brand since 1966. City teams like us need the support of city dynamism. I feel that the sponsorship agreements we have entered into as Antalyaspor are worthy of the name of our team and will contribute positively to the brand value. We are also open to new sponsorship agreements that will benefit Antalyaspor. So far, we have signed 54 sponsorship agreements with our team. “I don’t know how much that number is at the moment, but I hope we were able to increase it,” he said.

We are in Istanbul at the request of our sponsors

President Cetin, who also gave a statement about why the sponsorship agreements were made in Istanbul, said, “We have made several sponsorship agreements in Antalya. But after all we are a sponsored party. You have to go where your sponsor invites you. We have made some agreements here, because the institutions that we have agreed to have considered it appropriate to have an official organization in Istanbul. “We are very happy to be here with you,” he said.

Nuri AHÄ° aim for top five

Aziz Setin, who underlined that their common goal as management, technical staff and administrative staff is to finish the league as much as possible, said, “As Antalyaspor, we set our vision and goals together We make decisions together with the management, technical staff, administrative staff and the whole team. So, I know that Noori Sahin is aiming for a top five, just as I thought. Our goal is to build a team that plays good football. And want to finish the league as much as possible. We finished last season in 7th place. Our goal this year is to be at least in the higher ranks. Our main goal is to build a team that can consistently top five over a long period of time. Target it.

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