Aydn. In the hunt for a million-dollar MRI chair

The MRI device at Aydn Adnan Menderes University Practice and Research Hospital falls victim to a forgotten metal chair in the room.

The imaging device, which has a very strong electromagnet and a high magnetic field, pulled the forgotten metal chair across the room with great force.

The MRI equipment, which dragged the metal chair into the room where even small metal objects like paper clips, pens, rings, scissors with 900 kilograms of force, were severely damaged and rendered unusable.

Experts rated the absence of a patient in the device at the time of the incident as a great opportunity, and said that if the device had a person, the chair that would have moved with 900 kilos of force would have caused disaster.

Mr. Service stopped in the hospital

Because the device, which was purchased for 10 million lira last year, malfunctioned, the MR imaging service at the ADU Application and Research Hospital was shut down.

The decision as to whether the device can be repaired will be made by the engineers at MR Device’s technical service.

On the other hand, it turned out that a second MRI equipment in the hospital was defective and could not be used for a long time.

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