Avoiding Tests to Avoid Quarantine

Chief Physician of Kocaeli University Hospital Prof. Doctor. Zafar Kantark said that some people did not have a Kovid-19 test to avoid quarantine.

Stating that the number of cases increased due to mobility in the summer period, Cantork said, the number of cases increased. People pass through flu-like illness and some people don’t wear masks, they ignore it. Citizens don’t get tested because it’s like the flu. Meanwhile, they infect each other and the numbers keep on increasing. Some people said, ‘If my test comes positive then I will have to go into quarantine’ and said that they do not get the test done by adopting funny methods.

Stating that reminders should be dosed, Prof. Doctor. Cantark said:

The ministry says that there are 35 thousand cases. When we look at it from here, it is possible to say that this number is not 35 thousand, but 3-4 times. People are not tested. He says I have flu or I am tired, air conditioner crashed.

* Most of them are not tested because they are not in quarantine or because they are standing. COVID is a dramatic disease and there are people who think ‘I am not Covid’.

* We have been vaccinated, some antibodies in our body protect us, but experts say they won’t protect us.

*We will continue to do these vaccinations at regular intervals. Viruses vary.

*In these different variants, the protection is not as high as our previous vaccine. People who have been vaccinated should have a reminder vaccination. (DHA)

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