Ship failure in the Bosphorus

In a statement made by the Directorate General of Coastal Security, our Rescue-7 tugboat was immediately dispatched to the scene for a 99-metre-long cargo ship named Sun Unicorn, a machine failure during the Bosphorus exit from the Black Sea. Cruises from Ambarli to Russia. it was said. DHA aip2(‘pagestructure’, { “pageType”: “other”, “pagecategory”: “soscu”, “pageIdentifier”: … Read more

TGC to RTÜK . response to

The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) fined Hulk TV, Tele1 TV, HaberTurk TV, Netflix and the website. In a written statement on the subject, the TGC Board of Directors said, “RTEK has again committed an illegal act by regularly penalizing those TV channels which are not close to the government.” The statement included … Read more

Millions of ‘flies a day’ invade historic bridge

The flies, called diaries, which emerge from the water after maturing in the Kura River and have a butterfly-like appearance, continue their death flight in Ardhan like every year. Siebel Kaya, retired from the Ardhahan Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Directorate, said the flies, called mayflies or diaries, that gather around the light poles, spend their … Read more

RTÜK’s response came from the Press Council.

Reactions to the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) fines against Hulk TV, Tele1 Netflix and HaberTurk TV continue. Another response to RTÜK came from the Press Council. The following statements were used in the written statement of the Press Council: “The Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) continues to fine television channels that the … Read more

UK floods

The heavy rain caused flooding in cities and towns in the southern regions of the country, including the capital of England, London. After weeks of hot and dry weather across the country, roads were flooded and transport was disrupted in floods caused by heavy rains, which particularly affected the southeast region. The UK Meteorological Office … Read more