3 ways to avoid monkey pox

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared a “global emergency” for monkeypox on 23 July. These days, when the Covid-19 pandemic is not slowing down, the cases of monkeypox virus are increasing. Infectious Disease Specialist Associate. Doctor. Elif Hako explained what to know about the disease, which can be serious in some cases, as follows… transmitted … Read more

thanksgiving turkey

On the 5th day of the Sozku recycling campaign, thousands of our readers from all over Turkey, from Edirne to Artvin, from Sinop to Mersin, called on and contributed our 2500 readers who have collected newspapers so far. Thousands of other callers said they would collect newspapers from now on and participate in the campaign. … Read more

Mortar attack response: 15 terrorists killed

Simultaneous 11 mortar attacks were carried out against units in the Içekalan outpost on the border of the Biresic district of Sanliurfa and units in the Karkami district of Gaziantep. While 1 jawan was martyred, while 4 jawans were injured. Immediately after the attack, the coordinates of the areas where the terrorists attacked were determined. … Read more

Apple plans to return to office revealed

Apple was one of the companies to implement the remote work system with the pandemic. The technology giant had earlier called its employees back to offices with Tim Cook’s announcement, but the situation was met with reactions. Actually, the company had to postpone its return to office after new waves in the pandemic. Apple has … Read more