If it is free in Antalya then 6 lira in the market

The fact that discounts introduced by agricultural credit cooperatives across the country persisted in the form of small price changes in a limited set of products, focused on the cost of breeding and logistics. Although the government often blames the markets for high inflation, rising oil prices are directly reflected in product prices. Petrol prices … Read more

Parents fear school will open

As inflation and cost of living continue to skyrocket, the nightmare of low-income parents who cut almost all of their expenses is getting closer step by step. This September will be very tough for low-income people who have school-going children and will face expenses they can’t pay back. Parents awaiting the announcement of up to … Read more

white poison sugar salt in food

Sugar salt (monosodium glutamate), one of the additives commonly used today, doesn’t attract attention because it’s written in very small fonts or in code on food packages. Given that MSG is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer in noodles (which are ready to eat mixed with hot water), instant soups, chips, ice … Read more

To save a person!

On Monday evening, I was a guest of the Altınkum Writers Festival in Didim, one of the heavenly corners of the Aegean. We signed the book “Life Arena” written by Mine Ozbek, one of the successful investigative journalists on the Arena team. I love Didim and this festival. Because dear Didim residents show great interest … Read more

suited to the situation

-Happiness is the light and well-being of life.- You reach the end of the road early in running and slow down in walking. The result has been received, the effort is over. Colloquially, “what happened happened.” In our country too, social life goes on “so-and-so” with management’s actions, attitudes and practices, and the hardships, deprivation, … Read more