Are We The Ones Who Disseminate The Obstacles That Cause Fear?

Are we the ones who disseminate the obstacles from which fear arises?

Sometimes, doubts, insecurities, fears or the anxiety of failure prevent us from moving forward. It is these small fears that become the great obstacles on our path to our true goals. We just stumble upon it and obsess over the idea that whatever we do, we will fail.

This leads us to torture ourselves and to think about the hitches in our path, instead of noticing the whole path we have already taken. It pushes us to think about the hidden threats among the possibilities of our life. We get carried away by our insecurities, instead of focusing on our strengths.

Jorge Bucay, in his beautiful short story entitled “Obstacles”, talks about the mania of self-harming ourselves. We hope you enjoy this story and help you reflect.

“Obstacles”, a story by Jorge Bucay

I am walking along a path. I let my feet guide me.

My eyes rest on trees, birds, stones. On the horizon I see the silhouette of a city. I sharpen my eyes to distinguish it well. I feel that city attracts me. I don’t know how, but I realize that in that place I could find everything I want. All my goals, my goals and my successes, what I wish I was most of all, what I aspire to, what I try to do, what I work for, what I have always aspired to, what would represent my greatest success. great.

I imagine all these things are in that city. Without hesitation, I decide to go there. Shortly after, the trail begins to climb, I feel a little tired, but it doesn’t matter.

I go ahead. I see a black shadow along the way. As I approach, I notice that a huge moat prevents me from passing. I’m afraid … I hesitate. It angers me that my goal is not so easy to reach. Anyway, I decide to climb over the moat. I move a few steps back, take a run and jump… I manage to pass it. I rest for a while and then start walking again.

A few meters further there is another moat. I take the run again and jump over that too. I run towards the city, the path seems clear. I am surprised by a precipice that blocks my path. I stop. It is impossible to bypass it.

I see that there are wooden planks, nails and tools nearby. I realize that I am there to build a bridge. I’ve never been skilled manually, so I’m starting to think it’s best to give up. But then I observe my goal … And then I resist.

I start building the bridge. Hours go by, or maybe it’s days, or maybe months. The bridge is done. Quivering, I cross it. And when I get to the other side … I see a wall. A gigantic cold and damp wall surrounds the city of my dreams.

I feel dejected … I am looking for a way to overcome it, but there is no way. I have to climb it. The city is so close … I will not let that wall stop me from passing.

I am going to climb. I rest for a while and take a breath of air. All of a sudden I see a child on the path looking at me as if he knows me. He smiles at me with complicity.

It reminds me of myself … When I was a child.

Perhaps for this very reason, I decide to express my worry aloud: «Why are there so many obstacles between me and my goal? “

The child shrugs and replies: «Why are you asking me? The obstacles weren’t there before you came … It was you who brought them. “

Why do we create our own obstacles?

People create their own obstacles in the way when they obsess over anything negative that might happen, when they think of the dark side of an uncertain future, which, however, they make real with their every thought. When they are dominated by fear and when doubts are so powerful that they offer nothing but anxiety.

Everyone in life stumbles, but only those who surrender (and there are those who surrender even before starting the journey) are overcome by obstacles.

We self-create obstacles in order to protect ourselves from potential failure. They are an excuse, a “see, I told you so”, when our worst fears are confirmed and we fail or fail in the challenge on the first try.

We also create our obstacles for fear of the uncertainty of what will be. We therefore prefer to take refuge in the shadow of what is known and negative, rather than seeking what is unknown and positive. We become cowards defeated by our own imagination; it is our ideas that become obstacles in our path.

You have to get your mind used to seeing the positive aspect of reality. If you make an effort, you will have the assured triumph. If you happen to fall again, look for the beauty hidden behind every shadow and every obstacle, because just like the seasons, people are able to change too. Remember that in this life those who struggle and hope survive, not those who look fearfully towards the probabilities of the future.

And most importantly, trust your abilities. Live life as you deserve, because everyone stumbles, but it is not the falls that mark your life, but the lessons you draw from it. Keep walking and when you see a ravine in front of you, ask yourself if that precipice was created by accumulating doubts along the way. So, will you continue to complain about the obstacles you create for yourself in life or will you walk with a steady and fearless step, fighting for what you want?

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