Are Leftists Smarter?

Are leftists smarter?

“Every day people fix their hair, why not their hearts?” Does this seem like a clever phrase to you? These words were formulated from the mind of Ernesto Che Guevara, the famous revolutionary. There are many other epic quotes from this myth that have survived to the present day. Does this have anything to do with his leftist ideology ? A Brock University study argues that yes.

The Brock University study in Ontario, Canada

According to the results obtained by researchers at Brock University, Ontario, Canada, those who are less intelligent already in childhood develop a right-wing ideology and racist and homophobic tendencies, compared to left-wing ideologies, which are more open and understanding. .

To reach this conclusion, the researchers drew on studies conducted in the years 1958 and 1970 in the United Kingdom. These studies analyzed the intelligence level of thousands of children between the ages of 10 and 11, who then answered political questions once they reached the age of Christ, 33.


Among the questions posed to grown-up children were questions about the prejudices of living next to neighbors of a different race or about the concerns that arise when working with someone else.

Other questions that subjects had to answer were about conservative political ideology, such as tightening penalties for criminals or showing children the need to obey authority.

Are leftists really smarter?

Some of the conclusions reached by researchers at Brock University argue that conservative politicians facilitate the emergence of prejudices.

Based on the results of British research, the researchers argue that the least intelligent people are located on the spectrum of the political right, because they feel safer here.

According to the creators of this study, it is innate intelligence that determines a person’s level of racism, much more than upbringing and education. Social status doesn’t play a big role in this either. They simply claim that conservative ideology is the right way to turn children who have difficulty thinking into racist people.

Cognitive skills are essential for having an open mind. This means that those with reduced or very reduced cognitive abilities tend to adopt conservative ideologies because of the sense of order they imply. This is another of the conclusions of the study.

Innate intelligence

According to research conducted by Brock University, all this means that innate intelligence plays a determining role in the ultimate ideology adopted by an individual. Does this mean that being right is synonymous with stupidity? Absolutely not.

Political ideologies are a bit tangled around the world today. Nothing is what it seems anymore. Can we define a communist regime like the one imposed on left-wing North Korea? Here, the citizens have become accustomed to living under the orders of a dictator who defines himself as a progressive ideology, but who manipulates the destinies of millions of people with an iron fist.


There are other examples of countries where attempts have been made to establish a leftist and communist regime, but without success. Russia or Cuba, for example, suffered terrible popular repression during the phase of the dictatorship of the proletariat, which ultimately turned into the mandate of a single leader like Stalin or Castro, with limited access to freedom or thought.

Does this mean that, among the parties of the world left, there are people disguised who are in reality right? Is it possible that unintelligent people who are actually conservatives have slipped into progressive ideology? There is no clear answer to these kinds of questions, as ideologies have less and less weight in a world driven purely by economic and party interests.

In reality, what matters is to have an open and curious mind . Learn from all those who have something to bring to you in life.

If you don’t have an innate intelligence to open your mind, at least stimulate your emotional intelligence. Be sensitive to all kinds of trends and ways of being and adopt a full and happy life. As Ernesto Che Guevara said, if you are able to have shiny hair, you are also capable of having a noble and good heart.

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