Anxiety Nausea: How To Solve The Problem

Anxiety nausea: how to fix it

In recent times it has been discovered that, among its various symptoms, anxiety causes nausea. This feeling can get to be very unpleasant: the person feels that he has no control over his body, he feels invaded by weakness and has the sensation of being able to fall to the ground at any moment. Today, let’s see what to do to calm anxiety nausea.

Anxiety is one of the most common problems and one of the least known borders. It has in fact become the life partner of many people. In addition to all the emotional malaise it generates, unfortunately, the physical ailments to which it leads, including nausea, are also worrying. Anxiety Nausea ? That’s right! Let’s see what it is.

Anxiety can cause dizziness that can lead to nausea and even vomiting. Anxiety alters the proper functioning of the digestive system, then affecting the respiratory and circulatory system. The problem is that we often don’t realize that these symptoms are the product of anxiety and not a medical condition. This is why we are wrong in choosing the remedies.

Characteristics of anxiety nausea

Before understanding why anxiety causes nausea, we need to define this concept. The term “nausea” indicates the feeling of being on a boat in the middle of the sea, tossed about by the waves. As if the surface beneath our feet was constantly moving.

Nausea involves a sudden feeling of dizziness, as if the balance is compromised. We also feel clouded, as if we are in a kind of unreality, we don’t feel completely present, almost like in a sleep-wake phase.

All of this tends to be accompanied by a perception of muscle weakness, sometimes blurred vision, slow thinking and a feeling of general malaise. Nausea can sometimes lead to fainting.

Anxiety causes nausea

Remember that anxiety is a mental state that can also manifest itself on a physiological level. This sensation appears when we feel that we are exposed to danger or when we perceive that we can be victims of an attack. Such a reaction appears without the danger or threat being real. Nonetheless, the perception that one has is of real threat.

In general, the excesses of anxiety today are due to the oppressive needs of the world we live in, which demands more from the individual than it can give.

The individual is required to adapt to conditions or parameters that go beyond his or her ability to respond or compromise it. In an attempt to respond to each request by putting inhuman effort into practice, the person feels overwhelmed by anguish. And here the anxiety arises.

Sometimes nausea indicates that anxiety is present and active. It appears after a relatively long period of being exposed to stressful situations. Most of the time it occurs abruptly, suddenly, and not necessarily in connection with a present event.

Identify anxiety nausea and fix it

The difficulty in these cases lies in the fact that nausea is a typical symptom of many diseases and conditions. Therefore, it is difficult to associate it with anxiety. How do you know if the nausea was caused by anxiety and not another factor?

Respiratory system

Nausea of ​​nervous origin has certain characteristics. As a rule, the first symptom is a strong feeling of muscle tension. Both the rhythm of breathing and that of circulation increase significantly.

This leads the body to need more oxygen. When this physiological condition remains, the body weakens, the muscles lose strength, the brain slows down and nausea appears as a result.

So if these phases of muscle tension and agitation occur, for no apparent reason, it is nausea anxiety. The best way to prevent this malaise or manage it if it occurs is through breathing control. Diaphragmatic breathing can be very helpful.

Likewise, it is wise to learn to manage your thoughts, in order to avoid defining any situation in catastrophic terms. Anxiety causes nausea when it is at very high levels. If that’s your case, take a look at the suggested article below.

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