Another video that will be discussed a lot with the IYI party: Champions League

The video, which used the image of the stadium and was framed with Champions League music, showed the products that were enhanced.

“We were champions for 7 months in a row. We are the king of inflation. The doctor prescribes drugs, burns pockets on prescriptions. No potatoes, no tomatoes, no onions, you are the hero this month. You burnt us, you destroyed us, you made everyone needy” with the chants of two groups A group including the transport sector, the health sector and the B group.

In the video, Group A included medicine with 18.7 percent, veterinary services with an increase of 16.8 percent, X-rays with a rate of 9.4 percent, and other health products with an increase of 7.5 percent.

“Railways is the way of love. What happened to these tickets? You have a car, you have trouble, it has a lot of insurance. There is little sun left. Now is the time for the good guys.” With cheers, in the video where the B group is shown, train tickets with a price increase of 13.8 percent, newspaper-magazine by 12 percent, with a price increase of 9.1 percent Bus tickets, and 7 percent place in the fourth. Transportation insurance was included with a 4% growth rate.

the sun is a little

In July in the #ZampiyonlarLegi of the IYI party, inflation was again brought into the fray with major manipulations. However, the millions in the stands are determined not to be spectators of this bad course. Then all in one voice, with a loud voice; There’s not much left in the sun! The video he shared with the note garnered many likes and shares.

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