Ali Erbas: Let’s stay away from all kinds of Haram

President of Religious Affairs Ali Erbas arrived in Konya today. While visiting the Islamic Scouts Friendship Camp held in Urban Forest, Erbas participated in the Zero Waste Water Award ceremony held here. Erbas said that wasting water is haram and said:

We are all MAN. are from

* We are all Adam. Adam al-His salaam is from the earth. Our superiority over each other is only through piety. Whoever best obeys our Lord and His commands, and very carefully avoids His prohibitions, prohibitions and haraams, is the best in the sight of Allah. Almighty Allah reminds us of our creation. He says: We have created man in the most beautiful form.

* He reminds us of this and gives the following duties to all his servants; Protect this beauty that I made you. If you cannot maintain this beauty, you will be at the lowest level. Therefore, it is our duty as long as we live, as long as we breathe, to preserve the beauty that Almighty Allah has created for us.

* Because of this the prophets were sent. The purpose of sending all sent prophets is to preserve the beauty of man. That’s why we say on every occasion that being ethical, being good, being a good person, goodness will change the world and good people will keep the world in balance.

all types of garbage are harmful

* Wasting water is haram. Wasting food is haram. Wasting time is haram. All types of garbage are haram. That’s why we say zero waste, zero waste, let’s engage in halal. I say stay away from all kinds of Haram.

We have to learn a lesson from Kerala

After the ceremony, Ali Erbas offered Friday prayers at the campsite with scouts. Abraham, who led the prayer, drew attention to the month of Muharram and Karbala in his Friday sermon. Erbas said in the sermon:

* Karbala is the common pain of the entire Ummah, irrespective of their sect, nature and views. This is the pain of the heart of every Muslim who believes in Allah and His Messenger and loves Ahl-Bayt. The love of our beloved nation, which has a Hasan, a Hussein, an Ali and a Fatima in almost every house, and whose heart is burning with the love of its son Rasool, has been growing for centuries.

* Our country keeps feeling this love in the depths of their hearts. When we are experiencing the sadness of the incident of Karbala, we are obliged to read Karbala as an example and take lessons from it so that the same misery does not happen again. The first lesson we will learn from Karbala is to make it a medium not for separation and dishonesty, but for unity and brotherhood.

* Sharing joy and worry, love and hardship. It is to obey the command of our Almighty Lord, not to be like those who are separated and divided after clear evidence comes, and hold tight. To stick to unity against treason, mischief and discord is not to give chance to those who misuse our brotherhood.

Participated in dowry assistance program

The non-commissioned officer took stock of the construction of a mosque at Desh Ki Bagh under construction in the city after Friday prayers. Erbus later took part in a dowry assistance program to 33 couples who were at the stage of marriage, held at the provincial mufti, closed to the press. (DHA)

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