Aksner asked Erdoan via Soylu: we are waiting for his answer

IYI Party President Meral Aksner came to Yalova today to meet the shopkeepers. The first stop of Aksner was Armutlu district.

Speaking at the district center where his citizens used to come to see him, Aksner said: You have quit your job, you are here. This is a great calamity, we are together. But he has a plague. get your rights. May Allah not make us among those who lie to you. He said those who break their point should not take action.

Expressing that he has been visiting provinces, districts and shops for a long time, Aksner said, “I have not so far praised my party in those shops. I have not defamed any other political party. I only listened to the problems of the customers and our traders in those shops. I shared what I learned from them with the public. They said that our public representatives asked questions about them in Parliament and then talked about the real problems. Began to go

During her visit to the shopkeepers, Aksner answered a question from the women of the AKP about the fight against drugs: The AKP regime began in 2002, didn’t it? Was our President our Prime Minister then? Yes, it means that during that time, Mr. Suleiman Soylu definitely said that these friends did not fight against drugs, as he claimed.

Exner, look, Mr. Erdogan, the girls from our AK party, who couldn’t reach you, are asking me; According to Suleiman Soylu, the AK Party government did not fight against drugs till July 15, 2016. We await the nation’s response to the allegation with interest. Let’s see, explain, he said.

What did Soylu say?

On the other hand, Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu used the following statements to target Exner on social media:

Ms. Meral; You misunderstood politics, we have a part in it. We are getting the strongest results in history on drugs. ‘You will be the prime minister’ (!) After July 15, the number of drug deaths decreased from 941 to 270 at the end of 2021.

We are running the largest drug seizure in history. We will eradicate drugs, Ms. Merall; Ask your ambassadors about the situation in the West. Oh, without forgetting, you knew the captain very well when you were an apprentice ministry. How much was it really?

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