Aksner announced that he would take the first action upon becoming prime minister.

IYI Party President Merale Exner answered questions from her followers on her Instagram account. Exner answered the questions with a video and shared it in his story.

The answers to Axner’s questions are as follows:

Will you tie up with the AKP? i will vote for him

I don’t. Vote accordingly.

Who is the 13th President in your heart?

Why are you panicking about Mr. Erdogan now?

What is Meral Exner’s first action upon becoming Prime Minister?

It will be the signatory of the Istanbul Convention.

Sister Meral, please send the Syrians back to their homeland.

it’s possible. we will send.

Last movie you saw?

I can’t go to the cinema. I recommend watching a movie called Gray Man on Netflix.

What is your Rashi and Udaya Rashi?

crab. My Ascendant is also Sagittarius.

Do you make your own combination?

I choose myself. I’m taking orders. Therefore, I have a more formal style of dressing.

What do you want to eat though?

Tomato casserole. i do very well

Do you take care of skin?

yes i do I use age friendly creams.

What is your must-have makeup item?


Our coordinator from Kirklareli is not talking to the President of Kursat province.

I’m in Kirklarelli tomorrow, we’ll deal with it.

How did you meet your spouse?

We were both 18 years old. We were neighbors. We lived in the houses next to the hut. That’s how we met.

Will you continue visiting every city?

We visited every city and we will continue to visit every city for the second time.

Speaker Sir, will people be able to live in wealth and not in poverty?

Of course we will stop theft, we will stop wasting, we will not steal, we will not steal, you will live in wealth.

The shirt you are wearing is beautiful, what brand is it?

A young enterprising lady sews my clothes. So that’s his qualification.

Coffee or tea?

coffee. But by the way, the tea that my husband drank is also wonderful, but it is not made today.

Where do you get all this energy from?

I find it in my faith. I got it from this country. I’m trying to pay you back. Well, by the way, I’m a little sick.

How do you get along with your bride?

If we say no to our daughter-in-law, great happens to us.

What is this man going to do?

Don’t worry, it will work.

Do you have any advice for the pain of love sir?

to eat. sweet food.

What do you do when you are angry or stressed?

I can sing.

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