Akşener announces sunflower offer

IYI Party President Meral Exner came to Kirklarelli today as part of her country tour. Aksner addressed citizens in the town of Buyukkaran in the district of Luleburgz and said that the politicians were not working for a long time and they did not listen to the citizens.

Exner, the politicians who rule us, separated from the citizens. What do you think, what do you eat, what do you drink, how do you feel? Nobody asks, nobody understands. You have to come up with a way to end it. Told.

“38 billion taken from your pocket and put in someone’s pocket”

Reminding that he called for the base price of hazelnuts to be 74 lira during his visit to the Black Sea, Exner reported that the declared figure was 54 lira.

The difference is $20. Exner said, “Whose pocket did it go, it went into the pockets of the Italians?”

Now I will give another example. He took 24 billion lira from Türk Telekom, that is, he took it out of your pocket and put it in the pocket of Hariris. Hariris are family friendly, it would be a shame. Well, isn’t that embarrassing for you?

There is no shame in sending your animals for slaughter because you cannot afford the production cost. Our farmers could not apply manure this year, it is not a shame for them, but it is a matter of shame for the Harivasis. it’s not over. He built an ecclesiastical system in Ankara called Ankapark.

We went and toured with Mr. Mansoor Yav. Do you know how much it costs? 801 million dollars in Turkey, 14 billion lira. 24 and 14, add 38 billion lira. 38 billion lira is money taken out of your pocket and put in someone’s pocket.

“They rob you in two pens”

Exner said the money could allow farmers to fertilize for free in April, give feeders a 50 percent discount on feed, a 35 percent discount on diesel, solve the problems of a significant portion of EYT members, and help the public. Breakfast and lunch can be provided for school students from elementary school to high school. You are the one who puts everything in your pocket for your kids to read. You cut your food and teach your children. On the other hand, if your children are not appointed with 92 marks, then in a country where youths who have scored 58 marks and uncle-bearers are appointed, there is a very significant injustice here, he said.

“That theft will not be left with them”

Aksner said he has been traveling for two and a half years, and that he has prepared and made public the solutions to the problems he heard during this time. Voters are the benefactors of politicians. They are no longer afraid of you. Because they say that if I hang my coat or hang my hat, I will be chosen. Whether the voters who stand against each other for manual scavengers will be friendly or not. Do politicians listen to them or not? Because he gets tired. Is it easy to listen? Is it easy for him to find a solution, he gets tired. Now I beg of you; In a country where there are consultants receiving 5 salaries, 10 salaries and 15 salaries, this order is a haram order. Inshallah, we will shake hands with this illegal order, and with your halal votes, democracy, we will retire to the ballot box. Together we will end this haram system. Whatever they stole, they won’t get away with it, don’t worry, he said.

“Ayck Announces His Proposal”

Explaining Sunflower’s offering, Exner continued as follows:

Today I will tell the price of sunflower in every district, so that the landlords can learn. Let lazy bins learn. We calculated all the costs. We put 20% profit on it. According to the results of irrigated and dried sunflower cultivation, both have long legs 15.1 lira; Product obtained after cultivating irrigated sunflower should be declared as 13.6 lira, and for sunflower obtained as a result of cultivation of dried sunflower should be declared as 16.6 lira.

Now we will follow it. We talked to you We calculated your costs and announced this result with 20% profit share. So attribution is not a fabricated result. This mindset which appoints those who are not related to agriculture in the Ministry of Agriculture, this mindset which appoints those who have never seen a cow in their life, it is our duty to join hands in a group called National Milk Council and send them to Atta as soon as possible.

Exner met with the shopkeepers after completing his speech.

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