AHESEN warns: health system may collapse in September

Frightening Corona Alert… The Union of Family Medicine Employees (AHESEN) reported that with the new version, the infection rate of the disease has doubled compared to Omicron. Deaths increased by 5 times and the number of patients increased by 31 times. In September, the health system could collapse due to the arrival of seasonal flu.

AHESEN warns: health system may collapse in September

In Turkey, which began to return to normal with the number of cases falling below a thousand, a new and bigger wave of the Covid-19 pandemic was recorded. Europe and abdWith the new variant BA.4.5, starting with .

Family Medicine Employees Association (AHESEN), SHIELD Mask He added that the need for this obligation must be reinstated in some areas, otherwise we could face an even more difficult pandemic with seasonal flu cases in the coming months, which will force the health system.

Emergency services too intense

The chairman of the Ashen Scientific Commission, Prof. Doctor. Ersin Akpinar said, “We know that there are a large number of people who take test kits from the pharmacy and do the tests themselves, for example, because of the intensity of the emergency services of hospitals. If we consider the people whose hospitals can not be tested in, then we can say that the daily number reaches 100 thousand.

One positive person infected 19 people

Prof Dr. Akpinar said that as of 17 July 2022, a total of 15 million 524 thousand 71 people in our country had been diagnosed with Kovid-19, and 99 thousand 184 people had died due to Kovid-19, and added:

Current statistics and analysis suggest that the coming weeks will be very difficult. In his latest statement, the Health Minister said that ‘the number of cases has increased 40 times, and the burden on the provision of health services has increased 3 times’. The R0 value represents the rate of spread of a disease. In other words, it defines how many people the patient can infect when entering the environment.

– For example, if R0=1, it means that one patient infects another person. If R0 = 0.4, i.e. less than 1, it can be said that the infectiousness of that disease has greatly reduced and is about to end. The currently available COVID version is R0 18.6 of BA.4.5. In other words, one person can infect about 19 people. The most infectious form ever observed.

Because the first SARS-Cov2 virus that surfaced in Wuhan had an R0 value of 3.3. Later, the Delta version came with the R0 of 5.1, the Omicron 9.5 and the BA.2 version with the R0 value 13.3. Given that the measles virus also has an R0 value of 12 to 18, it can be understood how high the 18.6 R0 value of the BA.4.5 variant is.

at the highest level since the start of the pandemic

Eschen President Dr. Gürsel zer, on the other hand, said that for the elderly, the frail, the obese, with heart and lung diseases, COVID-19 caused an epidemic, which would mean “an extraterrestrial selection, early death,” and Said, “For this reason, if the system does not protect you, you will protect yourself.”

Doctor. Ozer said, “As all measures are lifted, the increase in COVID-19 cases has never been so rapid since the start of the pandemic,” and listed his suggestions as AHESEN:

– Compulsion to use masks starting from public areas,

– Reminder doses of those who have had their last vaccination for 6 months,

In view of the school opening in September, children below 12 years of age should also be included in the vaccination program,

Do away with the requirement of doctor’s request for conducting PCR test. With this application, people who want to get tested at the ED create long queues and apart from increasing the risk of transmission, it adds additional burden on emergency services, which are already at the point of overcrowding. For this reason, every suspected patient should have PCR testing, such centers where PCR testing will be done quickly and such areas should be created where anyone wants to get the test done,

– Setting the isolation period of positive cases to be at least 10 days,

Headache, cough, runny nose, Covid positive and isolating themselves, re-establishing filament teams and starting field work, expediting sampling for field testing,

In addition, to unconditionally count COVID-19 as an occupational disease for healthcare workers.

death increased five times

Doctor. Ozer emphasized that it is important to take necessary precautions and preparedness at FHCs and hospitals to experience patient densities along with seasonal flu in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic in the coming days:

Planning and handing over of personal protective equipment to physicians and health workers and essential support personnel will ensure that the burden of the health system can be continued unhindered. It is essential that the individual rights of doctors and health workers are rectified at the earliest by removing them from being the problem.

Immediate measures should be taken to save the health system from going bankrupt in the month of September. In the last 6 weeks, the number of cases increased by 30.93 times, the number of deaths increased by 5.05 times. The number of daily cases is 32 thousand 162. Deaths increased by 5 times, the number of patients increased by 31 times. The pandemic is not over, it is still on full swing. What are we waiting for to take action?

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