Action against harassment in school buses postponed

The AKP government has postponed the implementation dates of some articles in the Regulation on Preschool and School Services within the scope of compulsory education, to which the public has become sensitive following negative incidents.

The Ministry of the Interior made significant innovations in the Regulation on School Bus Vehicles released in 2017 to make school buses safer and prevent harassment, sexual abuse and undesirable incidents.

With the new regulation published in the Official Gazette today, the Ministry has postponed the date of implementation of certain rules taken in 2017 regarding school buses by 4 years.

Accordingly, the following arrangements will not be available in school buses in this academic session:

A vehicle tracking system will be available and kept for at least 30 days. Seat sensitive sensor system will be available on every seat. There will be cameras that can record for at least 30 days with indoor and outdoor cameras for all in-seat viewing. Glass may not be used except for white glass showing the interior.

The full text of the regulation change published in the Official Gazette is as follows:


From the Ministry of Home Affairs:

Changes in school service vehicle regulation

Done on regulation

Article 1- The first paragraph of the provisional Article 2 of the Regulation on School Service Vehicles published in the Official Gazette dated 25/10/2017 and No. 30221 has been changed as follows.

“(1) the conditions within the scope of sub-paragraphs (i), (l), (m) and (o) of the first paragraph of Article 4 of this Regulation;

a) 1/7/2024 for 2017 model school service vehicles,

b) 1/7/2025 for 2016 model school service vehicles,

c) 1/7/2026 and older model school service vehicles for 2015,

It is not requisitioned until the first periodic inspection after the date of

Article 2 – This regulation shall come into force from the date of its publication.

Article 3- The provisions of this regulation are implemented jointly by the Ministers of the Interior, Family and Social Services, National Education and Transport and Infrastructure.

Relevant articles in the 2017 regulation:

i) School buses shall have three-point seat belts and necessary protective equipment for each student and child.

l) Each seat of the school bus will be fitted with seat-sensitive sensors whose standards are set by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications.

m) There shall be a recording device capable of recording for at least thirty days with indoor and outdoor cameras, in accordance with the standards specified in the Annex to the Regulation on the Manufacture, Modification and Assembling of Vehicles, which you can do on school bus vehicles View all seats in

o) Glass cannot be used in school bus vehicles, except for white glass that reflects the interior.

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