7 Steps To Increase Self-esteem

7 steps to increase self-esteem

The greatness of the human being takes on value and is perceived on the basis of the level of self-knowledge that one has of oneself. One of the pillars on which this wonderful condition rests is the perception we have of ourselves, or in other words, self-esteem.

Self-esteem is built thanks to what we think of ourselves. Those qualities, abilities and ways of acting and managing our emotions that are part of our being, those that make up our self-image.

Self-esteem is the foundation of our personal and emotional growth. It depends on how you feel about yourself, the positive or negative influence on the rest of the elements that make up your life:  work, relationships and personal life reasons.

Thus, self-esteem becomes the evaluation you make of yourself based on the feelings and experiences you have acquired  during your life path. In this way, you will form characteristic idioms such as  “I am stupid”, “I am not capable” or  “others do not like me”.


As mentioned before,  the evaluation we unconsciously make of ourselves every day of our life is necessary and important,  since that is where the possibility of enhancing our personal talents and our results lies more or less.

People who have a high and positive self-esteem are able to overcome any  difficult situation or any challenge. Conversely, those with low self-esteem will only allow themselves limits and failures.

Trying to avoid the latter situation, we invite you to try the  7 steps to increase your personal self-esteem,  enjoying a rich and healthy quality of life.

Don’t generalize

The past is not one of the best friends of self-esteem, being tied to it does not allow us to advance and evolve internally. Remember not to generalize from the negative experiences you have had throughout your life.

We must accept that we are not perfect and that we have weaknesses, this is necessary to allow us to progress, and to make the most of our true essence; furthermore, it must be accepted that  what happened once does not necessarily have to happen again.

Be aware of your victories

It is one of the best ways to optimize the image we have of ourselves. For this reason, we invite you to become aware of your victories and goals achieved, and to establish what you want to achieve in the future.

When it comes to enjoying good self-esteem, it  is necessary to recognize in ourselves the ability to know how to do well everything that falls within the different areas of our life, and never forget to strive to achieve our wonderful goals.

Trust yourself

Never forget to always act accordingly to your way of thinking and feeling and, above all, to have faith in yourself. Remember that each of us has our own perception of reality, for this reason we must not worry excessively about what others think of us.


Focus on the positive things

Get used to valuing and embracing your positive characteristics that you are proud of. Your strengths and weaknesses are a treasure, as they make you extraordinary and different from anyone else.

Accept yourself as you are

Never forget to accept yourself for who you are. In you you have the power to make all your dreams come true  both with your imperfections and thanks to your virtues. Genuine and sincere relationships are constrained by our ability to accept ourselves.

Don’t compare yourself to others

It has already been said, but it is good to repeat it for you to remember, that we are all different from others. Each of us has characteristics that make us unique and special.

Perhaps you consider yourself worse than others, but remember that  there will always be an aspect of life where you will be  “better”  than someone else. For this reason, comparing yourself to others will only be a practical and positive experience if it leads to learning something.

Worry about being better every day

Concentrate on improving the aspects of yourself that do not satisfy you. It is a good way to increase your self-esteem, as it allows you to evolve both inside and out. You have to understand what you would like to change or achieve. The next step is to draw up an action plan and start working on the changes that need to be made to bring them to fruition.

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