7 Benefits Of Hugs

7 benefits of hugs

You’ve probably never thought about it, but everyone needs physical contact. Feeling loved and loved is an inevitable necessity, even if we are not aware of it.

This is why we seek the embrace of that friend we love so much, the caresses of the person we love. We are looking for a real contact that makes us feel loved and whose meaning goes far beyond mere physicality.

“Whenever I can, I visit my friends, hug them and let them hug me”.

(Jorge Bucay)

Although hugs do us a lot of good, we don’t give enough. You will see that you will change this habit as soon as you read the amount of benefits they bring.

More hugs!

Why don’t we hug enough? Why do we prefer cold kisses on the cheeks? Because that’s how we were taught. Hugs are often connected only to the most intimate sphere.

In fact, if we knew the benefits of hugs, we would certainly change our minds. Why not start relating in another way? Why not give more hugs?

Eliminate the negativity that sometimes takes hold of you. Often certain displays of affection are not well regarded by society and not even by you.

There are studies that claim that newborns could not survive without hugs or caresses.

psychological benefits hugs 2

Hugs have a lot of importance from childhood; a whole affection, love and human warmth are essential for any newborn to develop.

Hugs and their benefits

What do you feel when they hug you? Probably  security, love, relaxation, etc.

A hug can also be comforting. Do hugs have something negative? Of course, let’s not talk about forced hugs.

This gesture has many benefits; we present 7.

1 – They nurture self-confidence and self-confidence

Hugs make us feel protected, supported and confident.

If you want a good dose of self-confidence in the face of any situation that makes you nervous, such as speaking in public, take refuge in a big hug! It will relax you and give you the self-confidence you need.

psychological benefits hugs 3

2 – They reduce feelings of anger and apathy

Hugs, strange as they may seem to you, stimulate circulation ; in this way, your body can release the tension.

A hug is always pleasant and the security and self-confidence we have just talked about will make you show off your most beautiful smile.

3 – They promote happiness and improve the mood

When we are hugged, we feel the happiness and security necessary to be able to increase our self-esteem ; this happens thanks to serotonin.

This substance is produced automatically with hugs. For this reason, if you need a boost of self-esteem, get a sincere hug!

4 – Strengthen the immune system

As much if we give a hug as if we receive it, our immune system is strengthened. Why does this happen? Because it is activated, favoring the creation of white blood cells.

Thanks to hugs, we are able to prevent many diseases and, if we feel weak, to improve our immune defenses.

5 – They reduce the risk of suffering from senile dementia

Giving and receiving hugs from an early age can help prevent senile dementia. Thanks to the tranquility they give us, they balance our nervous system.

psychological benefits hugs 4

6 – Rejuvenate the body

Hugs promote oxygenation of our tissues, which increases the life of our cells, avoiding their premature aging. Hug to keep you young for longer!

7 – Decrease blood pressure

In addition to the aforementioned serotonin, hugs release another substance called oxytocin, a hormone. In this way, blood pressure decreases.

Hugs are therefore excellent blood pressure regulators.

“I know that no one has ever hugged you so tightly that you felt that the hug remained with you even when he left.”

(Santiago Pajares)

Despite all these benefits, there are still many people who build barriers around them, preventing themselves from fully enjoying hugs. Are you willing to bring them down to receive all these benefits?

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